Fyrefli Fireballs set of 3 x 68mm

Product Description

These balls consist of a metal coil covered in a para-aramid sheath, this surrounds a central wick (which is the part you soak in paraffin).
You do not need gloves to juggle these!

Before fueling and lighting your FyreBalls roll the FyreBall's outer braided coating in a saucer of water. This helps prevent the outer coating from absorbing fuel which extends its life and assists in cooling the FyreBall.

Package comprises 3 68mm fireballs, refuelling spout, instructions.

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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Really beautiful pro...

Really beautiful prop that immediately grabs attention and admiration, but it does require a lot of caution in handling as it is extremely easy to damage.
Possibly the best thing to do if you plan to get Fyrefli balls is to have a length of kevlar handy. The inner kevlar is really hard to soak and sits slightly differently in each ball (one of mine is almost fully covered by the metal so its flame is much weaker than the other two, so it needed some added kevlar to equalise. The outer kevlar is really thin, and the flame can almost burn through it if the ball is lit and not in constant movement; if this does happen, dropping the ball risks a tear in the outer kevlar, exposing the metal wire (spoiler: it gets hot), so you might need to rewick it.
The balls handle very nicely, and I'm pretty sure they can be used for contact juggling if you get used to their extreme bounciness (due to their spring-shaped outer wire) and unpredictable roll.
So, for all their faults, the Fyrefli balls look extremely good (seriously, they are pretty even if you don't do anything with them), and if you care for them properly and always make sure to soak the outer kevlar in WATER and not to let any of the paraffin drip on it, they will do pretty stuff for you :)

I bought these a wee...

I bought these a week or so ago and haven\'t been able to stop using them since.every evening i\'m using them.they are nice and heavy so that helps with some tricks and good size too.
they do heat up after a while and it does take a few goes to get the right amount of fuel so that u can juggle for longer but still have a decent flame.
but still they are always going to impress people.
expensive but if u can afford them, every juggler should have a set.

I bought three of th...

I bought three of these Fireballs several years ago. They are the icing on the cake for any juggling show. People absolutely love seeing someone juggle these fireballs bare-handed! As long as you hold onto them from underneath, you won't really get burned. I did notice that a couple of the red rubber ends melted/broke, exposing some bare metal that gets really hot. I covered them with something else, so they are still usable, but not pristine. That doesn't bother me that much, and no one can tell when you are juggling them.
Overall, these are great and unique juggling balls that have always emitted a "wowed" response from the audience. I'd definitely recommend these juggling balls for the experience and fun they provide! I still have friends who don't believe me that I juggle fireballs bare-handed. :)

Couldn't resist buyi...

Couldn't resist buying these when I saw them. They are great fun and people are always really impressed that you are not wearing gloves. Getting the amount of fuel right is the key I think. They are quite bouncy because of the coil so it took me a while to get used to juggling them. You have to buy them though because Juggling Fire is just awesome!!!

I've enjoyed using t...

I've enjoyed using these fire balls quite a bit and have certainly prefer them to the variety using gloves, although the flame is not quite as big. They feel slightly strange to juggle and I find that I have to stick to quite basic patterns to avoid dropping. Although I'm not the greatest juggler in the world. Friends seem impressed that I'm juggling fire bare handed so maybe technical things aren't so important. They are slightly awkward to refuel and you have to take care to place fuel only on the centre wick or the outer will burn and heat up very quickly. Handled well they are a fun toy, even if a little unforgiving.

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