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Looking for a set of handsticks that can help you stand out from the crowd and add some excitement to your juggling routine? Look no further than these brightly colored UV-active silicone-coated handsticks!

Constructed from a very strong yet lightweight glass fiber and coated in grippy silicone, these handsticks are designed to provide the perfect combination of durability, flexibility, and control. And with their UV-active properties, they're sure to make a statement whether you're performing under blacklight or in natural light conditions.

In addition to their UV-active properties, these handsticks are also highly visible at dusk in natural light, ensuring that you can keep your devilstick under control and in sight at all times. And with their capped ends, they're designed to prevent the devilstick from slipping off, even during the most intense juggling routines.

Whether you're a flower or devilstick player, these handsticks are sure to meet your needs. So why wait? Add some excitement to your juggling routine today with these brightly colored, UV-active silicone-coated handsticks!
Available in Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green.
Length 40cm

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