Flowstyx - FiddleStyx - Fiddle Fidget Skill Toy - 2pc DEAL
Total price £330.96

Product Description

You will receive 2pcs of the Fiddle Styx with this deal, giving you a great saving!

FiddleStyx are the ultimate fidgety toy, stim toy, and portable skill toy.

Mixed colours!

Whether you're:

Sat at a desk dreaming of a new fidget toy...

A circus performer itching to spin a stick with no space to do it...

A festival-goer looking for a new rave toy...

Just looking to pass the time...

Or your feeling overwhelmed and just need a comforting stim toy...

We've got you covered


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Sergei Pringiers
The stick you want

This thing is amazing, I love playing with it.
Great desk-toy

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