Gora Fire Bug
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It is made mainly for dancers, but it can be used as a nice magic trick or for manipulation.

The Fire Fly is a little fire head on a thin chain connected together between two spring cages made of steel.

There are two different spring cages with different lengths of chains.

It can also be used as a "mono poi" when open and has an adjustable length. The spring cages are fixed to the fingers with a leather loop. The size of the loop is changeable with its screw to suit anyone's finger.

It's a light toy, weighing only 150g.

- Do not use the loop too tight, you have to take it off easily on your own in case of emergency.

- Keep the leather loop away from paraffin. If it sucks up some paraffin accidentally, DO NOT USE the Fire Fly!

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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The concept is good,...

The concept is good, but execution needs more development. In terms of effect, it's unusual, and it's a nice medatative toy to play with.

I had to make replacement finger loops as the standard ones are so thick I couldn't shut my fingers and they dug in painfully.

The chain and retraction mechanism are a bit clunky and can get stuck, which is very difficult to sort out without extinguishing and stopping play. The first time I used it one of the chains came off where it links to the wick, had to tighten up with pliers.

I have used the fire...

I have used the fire bug before as being part of the Nottingham Phoenix Fire Group i got to learn all different fire toys, the fire toys i use, i do enjoy but there was something about the fire bug that caught my eye and got me wanting to learn, after a few weeks of training with the bug made me want to get myself one for future gigs and practice. Out of all the fire toys and dangerous stunts including fire.breathing, the fire bug is a great one do dance and slow movements with and tbe big fish little fish.song, but joking aside i would recommend the fire bug to ones who dont want to use the big toys but do.somethibg a bit more relaxed and more controlled.

I love the possibili...

I love the possibilities of the fire bug... Have been playing with it a lot, and it's so much fun... I do think that it would work even better with some minor changes, like where the chain leaves the handles, would be awesome if that would come straight out of the middle instead of the side. And as a spinner, I always try to spin everything, it would be just awesome, if there were a possibility to have something similar to a dog-leash installed, that could let you block the chain from shortening, so the spinning would be smoother... But overall a very cool toy!!

I love it! And a goo...

I love it! And a good price. Lowest of them all!

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