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The Lizard is Henry's entry-level yo-yo - but as you'd expect from these skill toy pros, it performs fantastically. The Lizard has very cool coloured transparent shells mounted with soft rubber rings around the outside - this helps protect the yo-yo during mis-throws! The Lizard also uses Henry's AXYS system, which means the bearing at the heart of the yo-yo can be updated at a later time (you may consider loading it with the Speed Explosion kit as a killer upgrade). As it comes, the Lizard is mounted with a plastic trans-axle which will still facilitate some good sleep times. Best of all though, much like the Viper yo-yo, the Lizard can have its behaviour modified by loosening and tightening the cups - this allows the yo-yo to transform from a snappy looping yo-yo to a sleeping, responsive yo-yo with just a simple flick of the wrist. The Lizard comes with a free Henry's trick and tips booklet.

Diameter 62mm, weight 48g.

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My first decent Yo-Y...

My first decent Yo-Yo. Absolutley brilliant when starting out and beyond. It feels so much smoother than anything I've used before. Enjoyed a good month with it then upgraded axles to the speed bearing to improve my sleep times.

Good for flicks. Nee...

Good for flicks. Needs to be adjusted to sleep after a while.

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