Indy - Bucket Stilts
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Product Description

From the designer of Steady Stilts, comes the Indy Bucket Stilt! A lightweight, portable balance prop aimed at younger children. Indy Bucket Stilts are super easy to use. Riders step on to the upturned buckets and use the attached ropes to stomp around and perfect their balancing skills.

The bucket stilts themselves are tough and durable. The tops have molded, concentric circles to give users adequate grip, no matter what shoes they are wearing. The shape of the bucket also flares outwards at the bottom for a bigger surface area - meaning more grip and better stability on a variety of flat surfaces. The attached, colourful ropes are colour-matched to the bucket and super comfortable to hold. Best of all, they are designed not to fray and will give you hours of balancing fun.

The ropes are adjustable and can be set to the height of the child making this ideal for children of nursery & primary school age (up to 25kg). Indy Bucket stilts are great apparatus for schools and workshops and can be neatly stacked when not in use.

  • Easy to use - which make them ideal for workshops.
  • A robust design, with a flared base, tough cords and gripped top surface. 
  • Appropriate for a variety of flat surfaces. Ideal for developing balance skills, coordination and spatial awareness. 
  • The rope handles are comfortable to hold and adjustable. 
  • Perfect for School-age children Holds up to 25kg 
  • Easily stack away when not in use. 
  • Price is for a pair of stilts.

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