Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Chrome
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Product Description

Chromed replacement steel cotterless cranks for unicycles. These can either be used to replace damaged cranks or to give a different feel to your unicycle.

These are the same as fitted on the Trainer unicycles.

The crank size is the distance from the centre of the axle hole to the centre of the pedal hole.

The smaller the ratio of the crank length to wheel size the faster the unicycle will go, the larger the more control the unicycle will have.

In practise:

16" unicycles can only be fitted with 102mm cranks or shorter or the cranks touch the ground when pedaling.
20" unicycles: 102 cranks give a smooth fast ride but make idling harder, 127 cranks give more torque and are good for learners and tricks, 152 are too long.
24" unicycles: 102 cranks are very smooth and should only be considered if you are a speed fiend, 127 cranks are smooth and still quite fast, although are OK for idling, 152 cranks are great for learners.
26" & 29" unicycles: 102 cranks make a great long distance machine but very hard to idle, 127 cranks are smooth and make a good street machine, 152 cranks are great for standard Muni riding and tricks work, 170 are for the serious trials rider or mountain climber, these give you the ability to go up almost anything!
36" unicycles: 127 cranks create an extremely fast machine and gives some control for the experienced rider to idle. 152 cranks are standard and should be considered the minimum for all but experienced riders.

Comes in pairs.

To remove the cranks you will need a Crank Extractor.

When replacing cranks be sure to put them on the correct side and tighten securely.

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