Juggle-Light LED Cigar Box - GEN 2
Total price £79.99

Product Description

This is an illuminated take on the classic Cigar Box Prop. The Juggle-Light Cigar boxes performs just like a plastic/wooden box but is fitted with a super bright LED kit. The box comes fitted with soft fabric on either end to give some grip for catches and stalls but the other surfaces are all a slick plastic. The LED kit is sunk within the top edge of the box and though well protected it does not sit completely flush with the surface of the box. That said, these are a lot of fun to play with. The weighting is neutral and their sizing just right for most hands. (180mm x 53mm x 126mm). Price is for ONE box only. Please make sure you choose your LED colour/function or we'll make the choice for you! These are solid, static colours or you can choose the FADE or STROBE options.

Each LED unit is powered by 3 x LR43 cell batteries. These batteries are available on Oddballs Website. Alternatively you can purchase cell batteries as an add-on below.

note that these cigar boxes have some cosmetic damages.

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