MondoWhips Performance Hybrid Whip - 5ft
Total price £177.99

Product Description

The PH whip is a modern design combining the best elements of the accurate and technical stock whips with the powerful bullwhip. This design is a complete custom and primary whip by Ed Mondo the crafter.

Attributes - 12 plait. Commercial grade 550 parachute cord, accurate, lightweight yet loud, all round availability of styles/tricks, bolstered internally with full grain leather, ultra lightweight handle, hot waxed to ensure the whip is durable, waterproof, strong, loud and powerful.

Short enough to be used on most stages with a 3mx3mx3m working space for shows, always check for hanging decor and aerial equipment! The moving part of the whip contains only parachute cord, artificial sinew and wax.

Recommended length of 5ft.

This whip is best used for technical and rhythmic work, rated at 125 dB. Measured from the bottom of the handle to the end of the braided section of the whip.

Materials - High psi PVC handle, 550 nylon Paracord, artificial sinew, steel concho, full grain leather.

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