MondoWhips Practice Whip - 5ft
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Product Description

This newer whip design is a non-cosmetic version of the PH whip. It is perfect for stage use as it a perfectly functional whip, but without the aesthetics of the PH whip. On stage and street shows it is not necessary that fancy decorations are needed, as the usage and not the prop, is the main importance. This also allows for performers to keep their budget down if they wish. We also stock a white whip now for the best visual for stage lighting - Ed Mondo's personal stage show style. 

*If your using the white whip, please be careful of mud!

Attributes - 12 plait. A seamless taper throughout the weave, without a 'fall hitch'. This allows for a lighter and safer whip for practice. Commercial grade 550 parachute cord, accurate, lightweight, all round availability of styles/tricks, lightweight handle, hot waxed to ensure the whip is durable and waterproof. 

Measured from the bottom of the handle to the end of the braided section of the whip. 

The moving part of the whip contains only parachute cord, artificial sinew and wax. 

Materials - High psi PVC handle, zinc oxide handle grip, 550 nylon Paracord, artificial sinew, rubber/silicon pommel.



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