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Aerobie® Superdisc™

Superdisc DiagramPlayers of all skill levels can throw the Aerobie Superdisc well and enjoy its stable, accurate flights. Its patented spoiler rim and soft rubber edge were developed when inventor Alan Adler set out to design an improved "Frisbee." Conventional flying discs have their center of aerodynamic lift near the disc's leading edge in flight. That's why they tend to roll to the right for right handed throws and to the left for left handed throws. By contrast, the Superdisc's breakthrough spoiler rim centers the disc's aerodynamic lift throughout each flight, making the Superdisc a more stable flyer for throwers of all skill levels.

The Superdisc's soft, rubber edge provides a great grip for strong throws and remains smooth to catch even after landing on pavement. Conventional discs often develop sharp scratches and burrs. Made from non-toxic materials, the Superdisc's soft edge is also kind to a dog's mouth, making it the disc of choice for many professional dog disc entertainers. Floats in water. Size: 10 inch diameter. Ages 8 and up. Quality made in the U.S.A.

If you like the Superdisc and you'd like to try a larger model, check out the Aerobie Superdisc Ultra. For an entirely flexible disc with the same design as the Superdisc, try the Aerobie Squidgie disc.

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