Diabolo's Buyer's Guide

Mini Diabolos

These are not for the beginner as diabolos are fly-wheels, which basically means the larger the diabolo the longer it will spin for and the more stable it is; hence, these diabolos are very good for high throws, ideal to fit into your pocket, but harder to use.

Medium Diabolo

This is the size where serious diaboling starts. Used by most children because they are big enough to remain stable whilst small enough to throw around their legs and arms due to their size. Many kids still buy full sized jumbo diabolos due to their added stability.

Jumbo Diabolo

Probably well over 90% of all the world's top diabolists end up using this size due to their added stability and momentum.

Clutch Ball-Bearing

By far the easiest of all diabolos. They have a one-way ball-bearing system, meaning the string doesn't snag and lasts much longer. These diabolo spin over far longer than a fixed axle diabolo, this means that you have longer for tricks. Great for sticks and finger grinds, integrals. All form of suicide tricks when you let realise one or both sticks.

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All this info is based on personal experience and so is subjective. If you feel it is incomplete or inaccurate please let us know. Mail us with your ideas and opinions at: [email protected]