The diabolo is a little like a giant yo-yo - just not attached to the string! Developed as a toy hundreds of year ago in China, the diabolo is one of the most versatile and exciting circus disciplines. Diabolos can be thrown and caught on the string and stick as well as skipping tricks and lots more. Whilst beginners normally start with just one medium sized diabolo, many advanced players use two, three or more at a time. There's a whole slection of fantastic diabolo videos worth exploring on juggling.tv! to get you inspired. Fantastic resources for beginners are the Diabolo Tricks Website and The Diabolo Planet triple DVD offers instruction, performance and documentary all in one.

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  • Henrys Aluminium Handsticks

    Henrys Aluminium Handsticks

    4 Review(s)

    These aluminium bodied handsticks are great for those who work their diabolos hard! Henrys aluminium sticks are slightly heavier than a lot of other metal handsticks on the market. Whilst this makes suicide and genocide tricks a little tougher, they're good for grinding tricks.They also feature a padded handgrip for added comfort. Henrys Aluminium handsticks now come with vibrant coloured handles.Please choose colour below.

    Each pair comes with 1.6m of quality Henrys string, secured in a recess at the tip of the stick..

    Length 32.5cm.

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  • HyperSpin Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

    HyperSpin Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

    Designed and developed by the Diabolo Dance Crew, these sticks easily hold their own against the rest of the market. Comfortable handles, optimal rigidity and fantastic performance.

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  • Sundia LED handsticks

    Sundia LED handsticks

    Sundia LED handsticks.
    Traditionally handsticks have always been rather lost within most glow Diabolo shows, but now you can add an extra dimension to your routine with these LED handsticks.
    Length: 31.6cm
    Weight: 110g
    Uses 3 x LR44 Batteries.
    Glow time 2-3 hours.

    Batteries included

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  • DEOS Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

    DEOS Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

    4 Review(s)
    These diabolo handsticks are made from high strength carbon which is 5 times stronger than conventional carbon. They come with comfortable silicon handles, a strong and coloured carbon shaft and aluminium end caps. The carbon structure easily absorbs shocks and the weight and flexibility of the stick is optimal for almost all tricks. These handsticks come as a pair without string. Length: 31.5cm Weight: 34g Learn More

  • Sundia White Pro Carbon Handsticks

    Sundia White Pro Carbon Handsticks

    Sundia Pro Carbon Handsticks.
    Lightweight and durable with matching white foam grips. These bright white carbon handsticks from Sundia are simple, elegant and eye catching.
    Length: 35cm Learn More


  • Sundia Carbon Handsticks.

    Sundia Carbon Handsticks.

    Sundia Carbon fibre Handsticks.
    Lightweight and durable, with comfortable foam grips.
    Length: 31cm & 35 cm
    Colour: Black

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  • Henrys Fibreglass Handsticks

    Henrys Fibreglass Handsticks

    These Fibreglass handsticks from German circus company Henry's are a cheaper alternative to carbon fibre, but still perform like you would expect a Henry's handstick to. The fibreglass rods have been covered with plastic to stop it from fracturing - they carry a certain amount of flex which some users prefer. The Fibre Sticks also include comfortable rubber handles and smooth components to stop unnecessary string wear. The string goes through the stem of these handsticks so as a general rule you'll need 2.5m of string per pair. Each set comes with enough Henry's string to get you started. Available in BLACK or WHITE.

    Comes with string.

    Diabolo Handstick's Specs:

    Short weight: 60g
    Short length: 35cm

    Long weight: 65g
    Long length: 41cm

    Handle length on both sizes: ~16cm

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  • Juggle Dream Coloured Ali handsticks

    Juggle Dream Coloured Ali handsticks

    High quality coloured aluminium diabolo handsticks from Juggle Dream.

    These Ali Dream Handsticks sport soft black foam handles and long coloured aluminium grind able sticks.
    These handsticks are slightly lighter than other metal hands sticks, making them perfect for suicides as well as less painful for younger players if the hit their hands.
    Price is for a pair of handsticks, comes supplied with UV reactive super smooth diabolo string.

    Diabolo Handstick Specs:
    Weight: 80gr
    Length: 32.5cm
    Handle length: 16cm
    Handle diameter: 17mm
    Aluminium core diameter: 6mm
    Supplied string length: 1.5m Learn More

  • Juggle Dream Superglass Coloured Diabolo Handsticks

    Juggle Dream Superglass Coloured Diabolo Handsticks

    These fibre glass diabolo handsticks from Juggle Dream offer exceptional performance at a great price. If you're looking to upgrade from your basic set of wooden sticks this is a good place to start.

    'Superglass Grind' sticks are strong, lightweight and come equipped with comfortable padded EVA handles. They are suitable for users to all abilities and ages. The Smooth, slightly flexible shaft lends itself well to grinding and throwing tricks.

    These sticks come fitted with about 1.5m of string. This will naturally wear out over time. have a look at our great range of diabolo string for top-ups in the future.

    Superglass Grind sticks are available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Black and white.

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  • Henry's Handy Handsticks

    Henry's Handy Handsticks

    Wooden handsticks from Henry's.

    42cm length, comes with string.

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