The diabolo is a little like a giant yo-yo - just not attached to the string! Developed as a toy hundreds of year ago in China, the diabolo is one of the most versatile and exciting circus disciplines. Diabolos can be thrown and caught on the string and stick as well as skipping tricks and lots more. Whilst beginners normally start with just one medium sized diabolo, many advanced players use two, three or more at a time. There's a whole slection of fantastic diabolo videos worth exploring on juggling.tv! to get you inspired. Fantastic resources for beginners are the Diabolo Tricks Website and The Diabolo Planet triple DVD offers instruction, performance and documentary all in one.

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  • Oddballs Diabolo Bag (Holds 2 Diabolos) - Various Colours Available

    Oddballs Diabolo Bag (Holds 2 Diabolos) - Various Colours Available

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    This hard-wearing Diabolo Bag comes in a number of cool colour ways and is ideal for diaboloists on the move, heading to the park or workshops.

    The Oddballs diabolo bag easily carries two jumbo diabolos, two pairs of handsticks, string rolls and any other accessories you care to mention.

    The bag comes with shoulder straps which can be attached in two different ways for horizontal and vertical carrying. It can also be unzipped at either end.

    camouflage weigh: 250g
    single colour red/blue/black weigh: 323g
    diameter: 15cm
    height: 30cm

    please note that the price is for one diabolo bag. Price does not include Diabolo, Sticks, String or DVD.You can however buy those items here

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