The diabolo is a little like a giant yo-yo - just not attached to the string! Developed as a toy hundreds of year ago in China, the diabolo is one of the most versatile and exciting circus disciplines. Diabolos can be thrown and caught on the string and stick as well as skipping tricks and lots more. Whilst beginners normally start with just one medium sized diabolo, many advanced players use two, three or more at a time. There's a whole slection of fantastic diabolo videos worth exploring on juggling.tv! to get you inspired. Fantastic resources for beginners are the Diabolo Tricks Website and The Diabolo Planet triple DVD offers instruction, performance and documentary all in one.

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  • Henry's Jazz Diabolo - Plastic Hub Version

    Henry's Jazz Diabolo - Plastic Hub Version

    The Henry's Jazz diabolo is a medium sized model made with exceptional components and attention to detail. Henry's take pride in crafting balanced, performance products with consideration paid to each element. The Rubber cups have been crafted with a special polymer making it soft enough to bounce and not do any harm, but firm enough to keep it's shape and not be crushed in a kit box. The balance and stability is exceptional - the Jazz is without a doubt one of the sturdiest, reliable diabolos on the market with it's understated colours making it appeal to pretty much everyone.

    The Jazz diabolo is compatible with all Jazz tuning kits, including the Jazz Free-Hub system. This version of the diabolo includes the plastic hub and roller system - This works great with metal hand-sticks, reduced the weight slightly and ensures string lasts a little bit longer!

    105mm diameter
    120mm width

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  • Mr Babache Performer Diabolo

    Mr Babache Performer Diabolo

    The Babache Performer, as its name implies, is a perfect Diabolo for people on stage or buskers who want to impress their audience with this vary large, and very visible piece of equipment. Its wide stainless steel axle makes it good for grinds and complex string moves. It's also quite a looker too, it has to be said, with a shiny finish and bright (but not garish) colours that hypnotise all onlookers.

    With a little practise, this could become the backbone of any stage performer's routine. It's suggested that you put in a bit of practise, as the larger the diabolo, the harder it is to pull off under-the-leg tricks, but, conversely, the larger Diabolos also improve on momentum and stability at the same time. However, with a couple of hours practise under your belt, even those under-the-leg tricks can be perfected.

    Great purchase for performers and the more advanced diabolists alike!

    Diabolo stats:
    diameter: 157mm
    width: 185mm
    weight: 390g

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  • Henry's Circus Diabolo

    Henry's Circus Diabolo

    The largest of these German made diabolos is great for stage shows and performance due to it's high visibility and precision flight. This diabolo has been manufactured to incredibly high standards. It features anodised aluminium shaft and edges and quality 'Rextan' rubber cups. All of this adds up to a seriously stable diabolo that spins fast and true - and looks good too! This diabolo is a popular choice for people looking to do tricks with 2 or more. The Circus diabolo is also compatible with a wealth of adjustment kits that will tweek its behaviour and performance - please check out our accessories section for more information.

    Diameter: 130mm. Weight: 300 grams

    To add handsticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below. Alternatively, have a look at the full range of diabolo handsticks.

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  • Henrys Vision Free-Hub Diabolo

    Henrys Vision Free-Hub Diabolo

    The Henry's Vision diabolo is mounted with a 'Free-Hub' bearing kit to create a sophisticated prop, ideal for people advancing up the diabolo trick ladder. The Free-Hub kit uses covered, grease-free bearings with a smooth roller to ensure optimal play. The extended spin times that this diabolo will provide mean far more complicated, technical trick sequences are possible. This Vision diabolo can also be retro-fitted with a fixed axle or any of the Circus Tuning kits if desired. Vision shells are made from hard-wearing urethane - the same material used on skateboard wheels. The cups are frosted, opaque colours apart from Black and White. Please make your colour selection below

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  • Sundia EVO Evolution Diabolo With Stability Ring and Hybrid Fixed Axle

    Sundia EVO Evolution Diabolo With Stability Ring and Hybrid Fixed Axle

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    The Evolution is a revolutionary new diabolo design featuring Sundia's patented Stability Ring and Hybrid Axle. The weighted aluminium 'Stability rings' dramatically increases the centrifugal force of the spinning diabolo. This gives the Evolution the stability and spin of much heavier diabolos, even though it weighs in at only 250g. The Hybrid Axle is a combination of a durable central spindle and lightweight teflon coated aluminum sides. This not only reduces the central weight but also string friction, allowing for multiple wraps (without string snags) and much longer spin times. The Evolution also features a new cup material which is both super durable and easy to clean. The outer cup surface has been specially ''blasted'' to give it a matte finish which reduces friction from the sticks and string making corrections easier. Diabolo Size Large Axle Fixed Diameter 125mm Width 144mm Weight 250g Learn More

  • Henry's Jazz Diabolo - 'Free Hub' Version

    Henry's Jazz Diabolo - 'Free Hub' Version

    The Jazz is Henry's Rubber, medium sized diabolo and has long been considered a benchmark in the circus world for how a diabolo should look and perform.

    This version has had the Henry's Free-Hub system installed - a wide, smooth triple bearing system with closed, grease-free bearings. This is one of the smoothest running bearing kits available and is ideal for extended, technical play.

    Available in a selection of colours, each beautifully rendered in the rubber polymer - this diabolo is the perfect compromise between softness and firmness.

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  • HyperSpin Fixed Axle Diabolo T-Series - Jumbo Diabolo

    HyperSpin Fixed Axle Diabolo T-Series - Jumbo Diabolo

    The fixed axle HyperSpin diabolo has been in its prototype stage for over two years. An exhaustive research and development process in collaboration with some of the world's top technical performers has lead to the Autumn 2018 launch of this beautiful performance prop.

    The Fixed Axle HyperSpin uses the same innovative material fusing process at the TC model which results in a transparent, flower-shaped inner flower and an outer, coloured tip. This material join is completely seamless and in no way interferes with its weight distribution or diabolo in play. It also dramatically helps light diffusion when used in conjunction with the HyperSpin chameleon kit.

    Unlike other high-end performance-orientated fixed axle diabolos, the HyperSpin diabolo uses a tall axle. This significantly improves play with multiple diabolos and is being described by players as 'buttery' smooth. This allows extended trick sequences, longer spin times and a fluidity in diabolo play which we've not seen in any other diabolo.

    The HyperSpin diabolo has thicker cups than most diabolos on the market - this slight increase in weight, coupled with the axle smoothness helps with momentum and a more balanced, accurate weight distribution.

    Overall, a fantastic diabolo that is being demanded worldwide by top diabolo performers and artists.

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