Clutch Ball Bearing Diabolos

This is the full Oddballs range of our clutch ball-bearing diabolos. These diabolos will spin up to twenty times longer than conventional fixed axle diabolos allowing much longer trick sequences and ridiculous grinding possibilities. We stock bearing diabolos by Juggle Dream, Sundia and Henrys.

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  • Sundia Shining Triple Bearing Diabolo

    Sundia Shining Triple Bearing Diabolo

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    The stunning ''Triple Bearing'' Shining Diabolo from Sundia is the probably the best ball bearing diabolo money can buy!
    The "Shining" has a triple bearing axle design which gives outstanding performance, even compared with single bearing diabolos. The triple bearing system also has the major advantage of being almost completely silent (unlike single bearings).

    For those unfamiliar with one-way ball bearing axle (AKA clutch) diabolos. These diabolos are fitted with an axle that rotates only in one direction. The spinning speed is built up in the usual way but once up to speed, the diabolo spins on the internal bearing and is not slowed by the friction of the string. Combine these benefits with the stunning see-through cups & carbon fiber washers and this all adds up to a truly fantastic diabolo!

    Additional benefits of playing with a triple bearing diabolo:
    1. Allows you to pick up tremendous speeds which will give you more time to execute some of the more advance and technical moves.
    2. More bearings = less friction. A triple bearing diabolo will go almost twice as fast as single bearing diabolo.
    3.A wide Bearing axle will make your diabolo very stable at high speeds and is great for finger and stick grinds.

    Diabolo Specification:
    Diabolo Level: All Levels of skill.
    Diabolo Size: Large
    Axle Type: One Way - Triple Ball Bearing
    Dimensions: Diameter: 128mm, Width:150mm, Weight: 282g
    Manufacturer: Sundia - Taiwan

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  • Sundia Nimble Diabolo

    Sundia Nimble Diabolo

    A speciality diabolo from Sundia. Effectively this is a Sundia Fly diabolo but with some tweeked components that make the diabolo significantly lighter (and therefore suitable for younger players who prefer a jumbo diablo or people who like their diabolo...'nimble'!).

    The cup material is the same shape and size as the Sundia Fly but marginally thinner. It also uses the Sundia weight reduction axle alongside the one-way, single bearing system - a bit noisier than a triple bearing diabolo, and not quite as long spin times but certainly enough to do some more complex trick sequences (plus it's £8 cheaper than the Fly!)

    We have a nice selection of colours in stock and there's always the possibility of altering components at a later date should you want to (All Sundia parts tend to be compatible, but contact us for more information/advice). Sold individually without handsticks

    Cup Diameter 125mm

    Width 149mm

    Weight 260g

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    Special Offer- Sundia Fly Diabolo - Limited Stock available

    Special Offer- Sundia Fly Diabolo - Limited Stock available

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    The Sundia Fly diabolo is one of our most popular one-way diabolos and has been designed by the world class diabolist Ryo Yabe.
    It features a one way ball bearing axle (AKA clutch axle) which dramatically increases spin time. This system allows the diabolo to spin up to 20 times longer than a normal axle diabolo! This makes it ideal for learning new tricks as it gives you lots more time to think about trick combos.
    The plastic cups are weighted and balanced for an extremely consistent spin, while the wide ball bearing axle is perfect for long finger & stick grinds. The bright solid colour cups make this a good choice for stage performance.
    Ideal for multiple diabolo play and an excellent all-rounder for beginners and professionals alike!

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  • Sundia Triple Bearing Monobolo

    Sundia Triple Bearing Monobolo

    Inspired from the Japanese tradition spinning top, while taking advantage of the characteristics of the conventional diabolo evolved as a new shape, in a new frame work. The diabolo is weighted to balance evenly with the white end weight. The half diabolo has a triple bearing ratchet center. The tip also has a bearing. With this set up you can get the diaoblo top spinning and then perform typical top tricks with it. It is made to a very high quality standard.

    Diabolo Specs:
    Diameter 130mm
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    Sundia Evo 5 Bearing Diabolo

    Sundia Evo 5 Bearing Diabolo

    This is the latest bearing axle version of Sundia's revolutionary Evo diabolo design. This model features the same patented Stability Ring and Hybrid Axle, but uses a Teflon coated 5 bearing competition axle to reduce friction and produce unparalleled spin times for a diabolo of this size and weight. The new plastic 'Stability rings' dramatically increases the centrifugal force of the spinning diabolo. This gives the Evolution the stability and spin of much heavier diabolos, even though it weighs in at only 265g. The new plastic rings replace the metal version on earlier generations and have the major advantage of allowing light to pass through them. This makes the Evo 5 look incredible when used with a LED light kit. The Hybrid Axle is a combination of a durable central spindle and lightweight Teflon coated aluminium sides. This not only reduces the central weight but also string friction, allowing for multiple wraps (without string snags) and much longer spin times.

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