Diabolo Handsticks

The Diabolo Handsticks are two sticks tied together at the end with a string to control your Diabolo.

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  • Henrys Carbon Fibre Handsticks

    Henrys Carbon Fibre Handsticks

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    Professional quality handsticks give great spring and control but can be fragile in the wrong hands.

    Their light weight makes them great for suicides and the smoothness of the carbon fibre gives super fast grinds.

    Short sticks are better for suicides and are more responsive. Longer are better for body moves and cradles.

    Comes with string

    Diabolo Handstick's Specs:

    Short weight: 60g
    Short length: 35cm

    Long weight: 65g
    Long length: 41cm

    handle length on both sizes: ~16cm

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    Length 31.8 cm Weight 95 gr. The only one with multicoloured UV reactive silicone handles. The silicone used is particularly soft for great grip and optimal control, it's easily washable and matches the colour of the string. Our special design features a slim and ergonomic shape which shifts the weight to the end of the stick making it more stable on throws and spins. Learn More

  • Mr Babache Energy Diabolo Hand Sticks - Silicone Handle - Various Colours Available

    Mr Babache Energy Diabolo Hand Sticks - Silicone Handle - Various Colours Available

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    The Energy handsticks by Mr Babache. These are a flexible, transparent polymer stick which add flex and power to your diabolo moves.

    The Pink, Yellow and Green handles are UV active and have a transparent shaft.

    The Black handle also has a transparent shaft.

    Length 350mm

    Priced for a pair with string.

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  • Henrys Aluminium Handsticks

    Henrys Aluminium Handsticks

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    These aluminium bodied handsticks are great for those who work their diabolos hard! Henrys aluminium sticks are slightly heavier than a lot of other metal handsticks on the market. Whilst this makes suicide and genocide tricks a little tougher, they're good for grinding tricks.They also feature a padded handgrip for added comfort. Henrys Aluminium handsticks now come with vibrant coloured handles.Please choose colour below.

    Each pair comes with 1.6m of quality Henrys string, secured in a recess at the tip of the stick..

    Length 32.5cm.

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  • Juggle Dream Coloured Ali handsticks

    Juggle Dream Coloured Ali handsticks

    High quality coloured aluminium diabolo handsticks from Juggle Dream.

    These Ali Dream Handsticks sport soft black foam handles and long coloured aluminium grind able sticks.
    These handsticks are slightly lighter than other metal hands sticks, making them perfect for suicides as well as less painful for younger players if the hit their hands.
    Price is for a pair of handsticks, comes supplied with UV reactive super smooth diabolo string.

    Diabolo Handstick Specs:
    Weight: 80gr
    Length: 32.5cm
    Handle length: 16cm
    Handle diameter: 17mm
    Aluminium core diameter: 6mm
    Supplied string length: 1.5m Learn More

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    Juggle Dream Super-Grind Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

    Juggle Dream Super-Grind Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

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    If you are looking for a good quality affordable diabolo handstick, look no further.
    Lightweight and durable, the Super Grind Carbon sticks deliver fantastic performance on a budget.
    Soft foam handles give comfortable grip and the lower friction of the carbon sticks will give super long grinds.
    Affordable performance!


    Weight: 35g
    Length: 32cm

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  • Juggle Dream Superglass Coloured Diabolo Handsticks

    Juggle Dream Superglass Coloured Diabolo Handsticks

    These fibre glass diabolo handsticks from Juggle Dream offer exceptional performance at a great price. If you're looking to upgrade from your basic set of wooden sticks this is a good place to start.

    'Superglass Grind' sticks are strong, lightweight and come equipped with comfortable padded EVA handles. They are suitable for users to all abilities and ages. The Smooth, slightly flexible shaft lends itself well to grinding and throwing tricks.

    These sticks come fitted with about 1.5m of string. This will naturally wear out over time. have a look at our great range of diabolo string for top-ups in the future.

    Superglass Grind sticks are available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Black and white.

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