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Learn new diabolo tricks with these fantastic diabolo videos or just get some inspiration on how to play diabolo

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  • Diabology (Diabolo DVD)

    Diabology (Diabolo DVD)

    The Art of Diabolo

    When we first saw this DVD we were awe struck, this is the BEST diaboloing we have ever seen. Packed with features, this 2 DVD pack gives 140 minutes of sheer joy. The first DVD is a guide to diabolo, from 1 to 3 diabolos on one string and a stage show. The second DVD is the business though featuring more than 300 advanced tricks! The Mad French Posse have some amazing tricks and definately have their own style.

    The hottest DVD in a long time!

    DVD 2-disc set
    140 minutesbr /> French produce

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  • Kid Diabolo DVD

    Kid Diabolo DVD

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    This 40 minute instructional DVD is excellent for diabolo enthusiasts of all ages. A selection of reputable pros take you through some basic first steps right up to the more tricky stuff and with their 12 year old accomplice, Elias Bechtel, prove that all of the tricks seen really are possible by children. Great buy for those wanting to further the current diabolo scene in their area. Comes in 5 different languages English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Learn More


  • Instant Diabolo DVD

    Instant Diabolo DVD

    The fast track to being an instant diabolo star!

    Ever Wondered how they do it? Those sultans of the sticks and string; dominators of the diabolo; triumphal tricksters; masters of the throw and catch. Ever wanted to be like them ?

    Well, now you can... That`s right, we guarantee that if you watch this DVD, follow closely the instructions you`re given and spend hours and hours practising, you`ll be able to perform tricks that you never thought you could !

    For the first time ever, Oddball Juggling Company brings you a funky, fresh and inspiring diabolo instructional DVD. Starting at the very beginning, you`ll learn basic tricks to get you spinning, as well as more intermediate and advanced moves to set you on the road to technical wizardry.

    In nine separate teaching sections, top UK diabolists Garner, Langerz & Pete Tomsett take you through all the tricks you need to learn. And to keep you enthused, the video is mixed with many high-skill freestyle sections and two bonus bits featuring surprise star performers. Over 50 minutes of first-class diabolo instruction and inspiration - now that`s entertainment !

    Grab your sticks and off you go, you`re on the fast track to becoming an Instant Diabolo star.

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    Planet Diabolo Project DVD

    Planet Diabolo Project DVD

    Probably the most comprehensive and entertaining Diabolo related DVD that we stock. The Planet Diabolo DVD set was recorded over 4 years across 5 different continents - it features the work (and play) of more than 100 diabolo artists but curated by none other than Nico Pires, Priam Pierret and Thierry Delaveau. This deluxe box set includes 3 x DVDs.

    DVD 1 - The Movie 'Diabolo is a Trip' This DVD follows Nico on an amazing journey between dream and reality, documentary and fiction. It helps document the freestyle interpretations of diabolo play happening all across the globe (Duration: 180 mins)

    DVD 2 - Tutorials 'Diabolo is a Skill' Excellent tutorial DVD which covers everything from getting started to advanced level diabolo manipulation. (Duration: 110 mins)

    DVD 3 - Performance 'Diabolo is a Show' This section explores the performances of some of the most famous diabolo artists in the world including Tony Frebourg, William Lin, the MHD crew, Cie Filophile and many many more. (Duration: 170 mins)

    Each DVD has multiple language choices as well as multiple subtitle choices. It's also Region friendly, working with DVD Region Players 1-6.

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