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  • Mr Babache Performer Diabolo

    Mr Babache Performer Diabolo

    The Babache Performer, as its name implies, is a perfect Diabolo for people on stage or buskers who want to impress their audience with this vary large, and very visible piece of equipment. Its wide stainless steel axle makes it good for grinds and complex string moves. It's also quite a looker too, it has to be said, with a shiny finish and bright (but not garish) colours that hypnotise all onlookers.

    With a little practise, this could become the backbone of any stage performer's routine. It's suggested that you put in a bit of practise, as the larger the diabolo, the harder it is to pull off under-the-leg tricks, but, conversely, the larger Diabolos also improve on momentum and stability at the same time. However, with a couple of hours practise under your belt, even those under-the-leg tricks can be perfected.

    Great purchase for performers and the more advanced diabolists alike!

    Diabolo stats:
    diameter: 157mm
    width: 185mm
    weight: 390g

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