The diabolo is a little like a giant yo-yo - just not attached to the string! Developed as a toy hundreds of year ago in China, the diabolo is one of the most versatile and exciting circus disciplines. Diabolos can be thrown and caught on the string and stick as well as skipping tricks and lots more. Whilst beginners normally start with just one medium sized diabolo, many advanced players use two, three or more at a time. There's a whole slection of fantastic diabolo videos worth exploring on juggling.tv! to get you inspired. Fantastic resources for beginners are the Diabolo Tricks Website and The Diabolo Planet triple DVD offers instruction, performance and documentary all in one.

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  • Taibolo Note Bearing Diabolo

    Taibolo Note Bearing Diabolo

    We have been asking Taibolo for a bearing version of their diabolo for over a year now but they wouldn't release it until it was right. Well finally it's right, it's out and it's stunning!
    The Note uses a single, one way, cylindrical centre bearing to produce much longer spins than conventional fixed axle diabolos. The Note also has raised musical notes all around the inside of the cups. Adding weight and texture and making it one of the prettiest diabolos we've seen for a while.
    At 230g it is light enough for both junior and professional players alike.
    Available in Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, clear.
    Diameter: 130mm
    Width: 150mm
    Weight: 230g (+/- 5g)

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  • Sundia Shining Triple Bearing Diabolo

    Sundia Shining Triple Bearing Diabolo

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    The stunning ''Triple Bearing'' Shining Diabolo from Sundia is the probably the best ball bearing diabolo money can buy!
    The "Shining" has a triple bearing axle design which gives outstanding performance, even compared with single bearing diabolos. The triple bearing system also has the major advantage of being almost completely silent (unlike single bearings).

    For those unfamiliar with one-way ball bearing axle (AKA clutch) diabolos. These diabolos are fitted with an axle that rotates only in one direction. The spinning speed is built up in the usual way but once up to speed, the diabolo spins on the internal bearing and is not slowed by the friction of the string. Combine these benefits with the stunning see-through cups & carbon fiber washers and this all adds up to a truly fantastic diabolo!

    Additional benefits of playing with a triple bearing diabolo:
    1. Allows you to pick up tremendous speeds which will give you more time to execute some of the more advance and technical moves.
    2. More bearings = less friction. A triple bearing diabolo will go almost twice as fast as single bearing diabolo.
    3.A wide Bearing axle will make your diabolo very stable at high speeds and is great for finger and stick grinds.

    Diabolo Specification:
    Diabolo Level: All Levels of skill.
    Diabolo Size: Large
    Axle Type: One Way - Triple Ball Bearing
    Dimensions: Diameter: 128mm, Width:150mm, Weight: 282g
    Manufacturer: Sundia - Taiwan

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  • Henrys Vision Free-Hub Diabolo

    Henrys Vision Free-Hub Diabolo

    The Henry's Vision diabolo is mounted with a 'Free-Hub' bearing kit to create a sophisticated prop, ideal for people advancing up the diabolo trick ladder. The Free-Hub kit uses covered, grease-free bearings with a smooth roller to ensure optimal play. The extended spin times that this diabolo will provide mean far more complicated, technical trick sequences are possible. This Vision diabolo can also be retro-fitted with a fixed axle or any of the Circus Tuning kits if desired. Vision shells are made from hard-wearing urethane - the same material used on skateboard wheels. The cups are frosted, opaque colours apart from Black and White. Please make your colour selection below

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  • Henry's Vision Diabolo

    Henry's Vision Diabolo

    The Vision has been a staple of the Henry's diabolo range for many years, but recently had a re-design to make it meet the demands of contemporary diabolo players.

    In many ways the Vision is considered a 'bridge' model for progressing players.

    The larger cup size but overall lightness mean this model would be perfect for advanced younger players who prefer fixed axle diabolos.

    The Vision now comes mounted with a wider plastic hub tuning kit as standard meaning it lends itself very well to finger grinds and multiple diabolo play. Henry's also reckon this is perhaps their most stable diabolo for Vertax play.

    The Vision cups are made front a frosted, opaque urethane, the same material used in skateboard wheels. This makes it very hard-wearing.

    The Vision diabolo is compatible with all Henry's Tuning kits.

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  • Taibolo Glary Diabolo

    Taibolo Glary Diabolo

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    We are proud to be the new UK distributors for the shiny crystal Glary diabolo from Taibolo (Gong-Qun), designed by William Wei-Liang Lin. Considered by many to be the easiest diabolo for two diabolo work with a unique shaped hub. Highly recommended for diabolists of all levels. Simply a joy to use and it's clear crystal colours gives an added magic.

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