The diabolo is a little like a giant yo-yo - just not attached to the string! Developed as a toy hundreds of year ago in China, the diabolo is one of the most versatile and exciting circus disciplines. Diabolos can be thrown and caught on the string and stick as well as skipping tricks and lots more. Whilst beginners normally start with just one medium sized diabolo, many advanced players use two, three or more at a time. There's a whole slection of fantastic diabolo videos worth exploring on juggling.tv! to get you inspired. Fantastic resources for beginners are the Diabolo Tricks Website and The Diabolo Planet triple DVD offers instruction, performance and documentary all in one.

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  • Sundia Replacement Hubs

    Sundia Replacement Hubs

    Replacement hubs for your Sundia Bearing Diabolos. Not too exciting, but sometimes you just need new hubs. Also great if you're a fan of colour coordinating - available in many colours. Please make your selection below.

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  • Taibolo replacement hubs

    Taibolo replacement hubs

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    Replacement diabolo hubs for Taibolos Learn More

  • Slide Pro Diabolo String - 25m Roll - Various Colours Available

    Slide Pro Diabolo String - 25m Roll - Various Colours Available

    This German made string is a great combination of performance and durability. Slide Pro Diabolo has a unique diameter of just 1.3mm and claims to have tolerance levels never before applied to any Diabolo string. This string is now used by top players around the world. Please make your colour selection below by selecting the relevant box.

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  • Juggle Dream Superglass Coloured Diabolo Handsticks

    Juggle Dream Superglass Coloured Diabolo Handsticks

    These fibre glass diabolo handsticks from Juggle Dream offer exceptional performance at a great price. If you're looking to upgrade from your basic set of wooden sticks this is a good place to start.

    'Superglass Grind' sticks are strong, lightweight and come equipped with comfortable padded EVA handles. They are suitable for users to all abilities and ages. The Smooth, slightly flexible shaft lends itself well to grinding and throwing tricks.

    These sticks come fitted with about 1.5m of string. This will naturally wear out over time. have a look at our great range of diabolo string for top-ups in the future.

    Superglass Grind sticks are available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Black and white.

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  • Juggle Dream Milo Fixed-Axle Diabolo

    Juggle Dream Milo Fixed-Axle Diabolo

    The Juggle Dream Milo Diabolo is a premium small-sized diabolo model, with a fixed-axle. The Milo Diabolo is a performance-orientated diabolo. Specification: Weight: 133g Diameter: 80mm Width: 95mm Player Level: Everyone Axel Type: Fixed – Grooved Runner – Concave Hub Learn More

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    Juggle Dream Super-Grind Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

    Juggle Dream Super-Grind Carbon Diabolo Handsticks

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    If you are looking for a good quality affordable diabolo handstick, look no further.
    Lightweight and durable, the Super Grind Carbon sticks deliver fantastic performance on a budget.
    Soft foam handles give comfortable grip and the lower friction of the carbon sticks will give super long grinds.
    Affordable performance!


    Weight: 35g
    Length: 32cm

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