The diabolo is a little like a giant yo-yo - just not attached to the string! Developed as a toy hundreds of year ago in China, the diabolo is one of the most versatile and exciting circus disciplines. Diabolos can be thrown and caught on the string and stick as well as skipping tricks and lots more. Whilst beginners normally start with just one medium sized diabolo, many advanced players use two, three or more at a time. There's a whole slection of fantastic diabolo videos worth exploring on juggling.tv! to get you inspired. Fantastic resources for beginners are the Diabolo Tricks Website and The Diabolo Planet triple DVD offers instruction, performance and documentary all in one.

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  • Henrys Carbon Fibre Handsticks

    Henrys Carbon Fibre Handsticks

    3 Review(s)

    Professional quality handsticks give great spring and control but can be fragile in the wrong hands.

    Their light weight makes them great for suicides and the smoothness of the carbon fibre gives super fast grinds.

    Short sticks are better for suicides and are more responsive. Longer are better for body moves and cradles.

    Comes with string

    Diabolo Handstick's Specs:

    Short weight: 60g
    Short length: 35cm

    Long weight: 65g
    Long length: 41cm

    handle length on both sizes: ~16cm

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    Juggle Dream Typhoon Diabolo

    Juggle Dream Typhoon Diabolo

    Diabolo players around the world, behold the Juggle Dream Fixed Axle Typhoon Diabolo.
    The Typhoon diabolo is the final result of two years of design, research and prototyping - and it does not disappoint. The Typhoon diabolo uses Juggle Dream's signature scratch-resistant transparent plastic, unique in its weight distribution and exceptional in clarity. Combining stunning looks with outstanding performance, this is a versatile Jumbo sized diabolo from British circus company, Juggle Dream. Whilst brilliant as a single diabolo - in terms of stability, versatility and momentum - the Juggle Dream Typhoon has several features which also allow it to excel at multiple diabolo play.
    • The cups are designed to keep as much weight in the rims as possible, without compromising on the build integrity of the diabolo. Shifting weight away from the axle and towards the rims increases stability at all speeds.
    • At a consistent 240g from diabolo to diabolo, the Typhoon is heavy enough to be stable and keep momentum, but not too tiring for running 2, 3 or more diabolos.
    • The glossy, semi rigid translucent cups do not 'grab' each other during collisions like other rubber models on the market.
    • Custom shaped concave hubs make for easier corrections, but also allow easy access to grinding tricks. The Hubs also considerably reduce the weight of the diabolo when compared to aluminium hub models and extend the life of your string.
    Juggle Dream Typhoon Diabolo Specification:
    Diabolo Size: Jumbo
    Diameter: 128mm
    Width: 143mm
    Weight: 240g

    Check out this video with Typhoon diabolo

    Five high & The Eye. Ronnie and Tony Juggle Dream Typhoon compilation

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  • Juggle Dream Cyclone Quartz 2 Diabolo

    Juggle Dream Cyclone Quartz 2 Diabolo

    10 Review(s)

    After over a year's development the Cyclone Quartz 2 has arrived.
    This latest incarnation of the best selling Cyclone model now comes with new colours (orange & pink), stronger axles, new metal side washers, faster bearings and improved cups!

    The all new Cyclone 'Quartz 2' is the newest medium sized triple bearing diabolo from "Juggle Dream". The extra wide 20mm axle works like a one way screw driver except there are three internal ball bearings which give it a turbo (cyclone) spin. Due to this, the diabolo is very stable and will spin for up to twenty times longer than the standard diabolo. This means that the player has much longer to prepare for tricks and can perform bigger multi trick sequences.
    The Cyclone Quartz diabolo has a clear shell that can be combined with Juggle Dreams LED kits for stunning visual effect.
    Cyclone Bearing Diabolo Specs:
    Weight: 222gr
    Cup diameter: 105mm
    Diabolo width: 125mm
    Axle width: 10mm

    To add handsticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below. Alternatively, have a look at the full range of diabolo handsticks.

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  • Juggle Dream Jumbo Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo

    Juggle Dream Jumbo Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo

    2 Review(s)

    • The Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo is a Jumbo sized bearing diabolo from European Juggling Company "Juggle Dream". The Hurricane is the big brother of the hugely popular Cyclone Quartz. The Cyclone Quartz was the first model of its kind available in Europe and the slightly larger Hurricane shares its super-fast triple bearing axle and stunning translucent body.
    • Due to its high quality bearing the Hurricane picks up speed quickly and will spin for more than twenty times longer than standard diabolos. This allows players to do longer multi trick sequences without needing to stop and generate more spin. The wide axle also makes tricks like finger grinds much easier.
    • The Hurricane's translucent, scratch resistant TPE cups will handle drops from even the highest throws and really look the business. Being a Jumbo sized diabolo (126mm cups), with most of the weight focussed in the rims; the Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo is incredibly stable at all speeds.
    • The Hurricane is ideal for all ages and skill levels. It is the perfect option for those looking to graduate to their first bearing diabolo, or upgrade from a single bearing diabolo.

    Hurricane Bearing Diabolo Specs:
    Weight: 280g
    Cup diameter: 126mm
    Diabolo width: 153mm
    Axle width: 24mm

    Check out this video with the Hurricane.

    The Hurricane is a world class Jumbo sized triple bearing diabolo from "Juggle Dream".

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  • Epic A Dream Diabolo

    Epic A Dream Diabolo

    9 Review(s)

    We are very excited to stock these new diabolos from Epic diabolo. It is a full size diabolo with a metal axle and washers and slightly flexible plastic cups. It feels surprisingly light for its size and has excellent weight distribution. One of the best diabolos we stock for diaboloing 2 or more..

    Weight: 262grams

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    Special Offer- Sundia Fly Diabolo - Limited Stock available

    Special Offer- Sundia Fly Diabolo - Limited Stock available

    3 Review(s)

    The Sundia Fly diabolo is one of our most popular one-way diabolos and has been designed by the world class diabolist Ryo Yabe.
    It features a one way ball bearing axle (AKA clutch axle) which dramatically increases spin time. This system allows the diabolo to spin up to 20 times longer than a normal axle diabolo! This makes it ideal for learning new tricks as it gives you lots more time to think about trick combos.
    The plastic cups are weighted and balanced for an extremely consistent spin, while the wide ball bearing axle is perfect for long finger & stick grinds. The bright solid colour cups make this a good choice for stage performance.
    Ideal for multiple diabolo play and an excellent all-rounder for beginners and professionals alike!

    To add handsticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below. Alternatively, have a look at the full range of diabolo hand sticks.

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    £33.50 £24.99

  • Taibolo Glary Diabolo

    Taibolo Glary Diabolo

    4 Review(s)

    We are proud to be the new UK distributors for the shiny crystal Glary diabolo from Taibolo (Gong-Qun), designed by William Wei-Liang Lin. Considered by many to be the easiest diabolo for two diabolo work with a unique shaped hub. Highly recommended for diabolists of all levels. Simply a joy to use and it's clear crystal colours gives an added magic.

    To add handsticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below. Alternatively, have a look at the full range of diabolo handsticks.

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  • Sundia Nimble Diabolo

    Sundia Nimble Diabolo

    A speciality diabolo from Sundia. Effectively this is a Sundia Fly diabolo but with some tweeked components that make the diabolo significantly lighter (and therefore suitable for younger players who prefer a jumbo diablo or people who like their diabolo...'nimble'!).

    The cup material is the same shape and size as the Sundia Fly but marginally thinner. It also uses the Sundia weight reduction axle alongside the one-way, single bearing system - a bit noisier than a triple bearing diabolo, and not quite as long spin times but certainly enough to do some more complex trick sequences (plus it's £8 cheaper than the Fly!)

    We have a nice selection of colours in stock and there's always the possibility of altering components at a later date should you want to (All Sundia parts tend to be compatible, but contact us for more information/advice). Sold individually without handsticks

    Cup Diameter 125mm

    Width 149mm

    Weight 260g

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  • Henry's VEGA X2 Diabolo LED Kit

    Henry's VEGA X2 Diabolo LED Kit

    When it came time to re-design the Henry's LED Kit they prioritised Stability and the quality of Light, and it really shows.

    The Vega X2 is fitted with soldered, rechargeable NiMh batteries. Customers will receive two light modules and a charging lead with connecting adapter. The charging lead can be connected to a commercially available, adjustable universal power adapter. Since such power adapters are already available in many households, we decided to forego including such an adapter.

    By pressing the push-button the following operating modes can be set successively:
    1x press: continuous light / 2x press: strobe light (30 hertz)
    3x press: strobe light (120 hertz) / 4x press Off

    The Vega X2 is suitable for Henrys Diabolos including the Vision, Circus, Jazz and Beach. Diabolos with translucent half-shells (such as the Beach and Vision) achieve the best effect. To simplify the rebuilding process each Kit comes with a set of three different axles, each of which fits in the Beach, Jazz, Vision or Circus Diabolos.

    Please read the included detailed instruction before use!

    The power adapter is not included!

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  • Juggle Dream Orbiter Bearing Diabolo

    Juggle Dream Orbiter Bearing Diabolo

    The Juggle Dream Orbiter is a Jumbo sized bearing diabolo crafted from quality components.

    The cups have been crafted from superior European rubber offering a lovely feel and tactile value. The Cups have superb memory as well as fantastic durability. The colour range for the series is vibrant but matt - extremely visible and perfect for the street, stage and practice sessions.

    The Orbiter Bearing uses a smooth running triple bearing system to facilitate incredibly long spin times. Learn More

    As low as: £28.00

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