Fire Diabolos

If you've grown comfortable with your diabolo and are looking to take things in a more daring direction, a fire diabolo could be the way to go. Fire diabolos tend to be made from metal (to save you melting your favourite plastic cups) and have Kevlar® or Para-Aramid wick pads on either side. All our featured fire diabolos are expertly made and in responsible, mature hands very safe. If you're into diabolos, have a taste for some pyro-related fun and looking for a way to spark up your evenings this is the way to go.

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  • Juggle Dream Drawstring Bag - Splash

    Juggle Dream Drawstring Bag - Splash

    Carry everything you need for a great day out juggling down the park in one of our Juggle Dream drawstring bags or just pop down to the shops for some essentials. High-quality Drawstring Bags designed by a British Artist representing his experience of watching LED Staffs, Poi, Juggling balls and clubs. Striking colours easily set you apart from the crowd. Easily fits 3 juggling clubs and lots of balls 3 diabolos and handsticks and much more Learn More

  • Fyrefli Comet Fire Diabolo

    Fyrefli Comet Fire Diabolo

    A basic metal fire diabolo. The wick is contained in the centre of the diabolo for stability and the outside edge is folded over for strength

    Care must be taken to avoid dropping the diabolo on hard surfaces from a height as this will dent it. Comes complete with instructions

    Fyre Diabolo weight: 340g

    This product is sold as standard without hand sticks. To add hand sticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below.

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  • Gora's Fire Diabolo Extension Kit for Mr.Babache Finesse

    Gora's Fire Diabolo Extension Kit for Mr.Babache Finesse

    "With this fire diabolo kit, you can create the best fire diabolo on the planet" – say many professional diabolo players like Aaro Petrus Kontios and Alexis Levillon, who are also our testers.

    We have two different models of the same solution. The first was developed for the Mister Babache Finesse Diabolos.

    The main part of the kit is constructed from a light metal cup made from a strong aluminum alloy. It holds the kevlar and is fixed into the diabolo with help of two screws (Mister Babache).

    The kevlar is semi-covered by the aluminium cup so that half of the volume works as a fuel-container. The silicone disc protects the diabolo body against flame-damage.

    The fire attachment is exeptionally durable, as the flexible plastic diabolo cups absorb the shock of any drop. It can withstand the highest throws, even falling on concrete.

    It is safer than the metallic fire diabolos because it has no outer metal surface area which could become burning hot.

    The kit itself is very lightweight, but due to the changed balance it requires some more skill or practice than the non-fire version. Compared with other fire diabolos which can be handled with a kevlar string only, you can use our fire diabolo kit with a regular diabolo string as well in order to have better control.

    The weight of the kit is 113g (Mister Babache)

    Use lower heat level liquids like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil.

    Do not use white spirit or benzene because the nascent heat is too high for the silicone and the diabolo.

    Please spin off the excess paraffin before setting the diabolo on fire. Otherwise it will have big flames at the beginning which can damage the cups.


    kit weight: 133g

    kit and finesse together: 378gr

    package contents:

    2 aluminium cup with kevlar wick

    2 silicone shields

    2 leather pads

    8 screws

    8 washers

    a 12mm refuelling syringe

    and an allen key

    Price is for one kit, diabolo not included

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  • Fyrefli Meteor Fire Diabolo

    Fyrefli Meteor Fire Diabolo

    Based on the Comet's successful profile, the Meteor's reinforced rim and body offer greater protection for your FyreDiabolo against the consequences of those missed really high throws.
    Increasing and positioning the weight towards the rim has dramatically increased the diabolo's stability.
    Built in fuel reservoirs are standard, with all of the advantages this technology provides.
    Supplied in a nylon fuel resistant bag and a refuelling bottle.

    Meteor FyreDiabolo:
    Weight: 373g
    Diameter: 111g

    This product is sold as standard without hand sticks. To add hand sticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below.

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  • Sundia Fire Diabolo with Bearing Axle

    Sundia Fire Diabolo with Bearing Axle

    This stunning work of art has cups cast out of solid metal giving it a unique and beautiful design. In addition it features a bearing axle meaning it will spin incredibly fast, giving maximum visual impact to your performance as well as opening up trick possibilities. It comes with fixings to add your own fire wicks in the centre of each cup, or you could tie wick or rope to the outer rims with kevlar string (which would act as a shock absorber).

    With this Sundia Fire Diabolo we recommend you purchase Sundia fire diabolo handsticks. They are designed by Sundia to be used especially with this diabolo. The stick shafts are made from aluminium and the handles from a soft, grippy material - this prevents them overheating and keeps your hands safe. The 'string' is this case is made from intertwined metal wire which last much longer than conventional string and can withstand higher temperatures - obviopusly due to the nature of this material some string-orientated tricks are no longer possible. The size of the handsticks are 31cm. The option to add these custom sticks can be found below.

    This product is NOT suitable for use by children and can only be sold to those aged 18 or over.

    Item specs:
    Diameter = 122mm
    Width - 142mm
    Weight = 424g (without wick)

    Note - this diabolo is sold without wick and without handsticks. Furthermore, when metal is hot it is both dangerous and malleable. Exercise extreme caution when using this diabolo and do not use over tough surfaces.

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