LED Diabolo

LED kits for your Diabolo and LED Handsticks to light up your Diabolo and make them glow in the dark.

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  • HyperSpin Bearing with LED 2.0 KIT T-Series - Jumbo Diabolo

    HyperSpin Bearing with LED 2.0 KIT T-Series - Jumbo Diabolo

    This HyperSpin Bearing with LED 2.0 model uses the incredible Hyper Bearing diabolo alongside the dynamic LED kit, to make arguably the most beautiful LED bearing diabolo on the market. These diabolos are geared towards performers, both in their appearance and their performance

    Item Specs:

    Width - 150mm

    Diameter - 127mm<

    LED2.0 rechargeable color change set

    The original nine-stage change.

    Added three modes of white, blue and white and automatic color changes.

    LED 2.0 have fixed light,flashing light,automatic color changes

    Fixed light:blue & white / red / blue / green / pink / yellow / cyan / RGB

    Flashing light:RGB

    Automatic color changes : blue & white / red / blue / green / pink / yellow / cyan

    Use the Micro charging port, no need to replace the battery anymore.

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  • Henry's Beach Free - Hub  Diabolo with VEGA LED Kit

    Henry's Beach Free - Hub Diabolo with VEGA LED Kit

    The Beach diabolo is normally Henry's entry-level diabolo, but for this variation, it comes mounted with two awesome accessories in the shape of the new VEGA LED Kits (Available in either WHITE, BLUE or RED) and the Free-Hub axle.

    The Free-Hub kit is exceptionally smooth, a wide axle bearing system with a gentle shape - perfect for versatile diabolo play. Thanks to its Grease-Free bearings it runs fast and true. This diabolo is exceptionally stable and offers a dazzling light show for your audience.

    Size: ø 120mm
    Width: 130mm
    Weight: 290g

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  • LED Taibolo

    LED Taibolo

    This is the new light-weight light-up diabolo from Taibolo!

    Unlike other LED diabolos the Light-up Tiabolo has been designed specificly for use with the Taibolo lights, rather than adding weight/kits to an existing design. The result is a tough, well balanced, standard weight diabolo.
    Without a doubt the best LED diabolo on the market!
    Pushing the button at the ends changes the LED from flashing to still.
    The LED Diabolo comes in a wide range of colours and four different LED colour options.

    Weight: 275gr (+/- 5g, with light kit fitted!)
    Diameter: 130mm
    Width: 146mm

    LED Taibolo is powered by 6 x LR54 cell batteries. These batteries are available on Oddballs Website Alternatively you can purchase cell batteries as an add-on below.

    To add handsticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below. Alternatively, have a look at the full range of diabolo handsticks.

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