ET Games Raft and Scupper Board Game

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ET Games Raft and Scupper Board Game

Raft and Scupper is the latest wooden board game offering from ET Games. Presented in a beautiful customised box, this two player game is appropriate for children and adults alike. Players take on the roles of adventurous pirates on the high seas and must use pattern recognition and strategic thinking to out-manoeuvre their opponents - and even destroy their pieces. ET Games have designed clever game mechanics to ensure no two games are alike, with a playing experience that's fresh every-time and a level p[laying field for even veterans players. All components are made from a beautiful Sheesham wood and produced by a fairtrade supplier.
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    Additional Information

    SKU: MIS-908
    Brand: ET Games
    Weight: 1.5kg
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    Raft & Scupper is an elegant two player strategy game invented by Californian philosophy professor David Vander Laan and brought to life by British games company, ET Games. Two pirate crews battle for domination of the high seas: the round-bellied Yellowbeards, and the square-jawed Blackbeards. Each crew strives to raft together all the ships of their preferred rigging type or colour. But victory also belongs to any crew who scuppers 4 ships while their opponent scuppers none. Raft and Scupper uses an ingenious method of laying out ship tiles at the beginning of each game to ensure that every match is different, as well as fair to both players. Recommended for age 10 and up. Matches last 5 to 20 minutes, depending on layout chosen. All games are beautifully hand made from wood in India by a fair trade supplier.

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