European Juggling Events Supplied By Juggling Edge

  • Event: Thomas Dietz Jonglier-Convention bei der Traumfabrik (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Regensburg (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2021-04-09
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Diese Jonglier-Convention wird geleitet vom Jonglier-Weltmeister und Weltrekordhalter Thomas Dietz. Die Jonglier-Convention kostet Euch nichts. Und auch die Übernachtung in der Turnhalle kostet nix! Essen kann selbst mitgebracht werden oder bei der Gastro gekauft werden. Was ist zu tun? Bewerbung formlos an die Traumfabrik per E-Mail schicken an [email protected] Inhalt: Name, Handynr., Alter (das Du am 17. April haben wirst – brauchen wir wegen der Aufsichtspflicht Minderjähriger). Achtung: Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt. Die Zusage erfolgt nach Eingangstermin der Anmeldungen - also bei Interesse, so schnell wie möglich anmelden. Es wird eine Open Stage geben mit 1.000 Zuschauern. Thomas Dietz wird 4x eine Show zeigen. Zudem gibt es eine Disco-Party und weitere Shows (mit und ohne Jonglage). Parallel zur Jonglier-Convention findet die Traumfabrik-Akademie statt (größte Workshop-Veranstaltung in Deutschland für Theater, Artistik, Tanz, Rhythmus mit über 1.000 Teilnehmern; hier ein Video: und somit ist ordentlich Leben in der Bude und Ihr kommt in Kontakt mit Menschen, die Euch ggf. mit anderen Dingen inspirieren. Ein wirklich einzigartiges Erlebnis – es lohnt sich, dabei zu sein! PS: Wer will, kann am Kurs „Jonglieren für Fortgeschrittene“ mit dem Jonglier-Weltmeister Manuel Mitasch teilnehmen. 7 Vollstunden für 98,- €
  • Event: Galway Juggling Convention 2021 - GJC 2021 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Aras na Mac Leinn NUIG (see map)
  • Country: Ireland (Éire)
  • When: 2021-06-04 From 16:00 Until 16:00
  • About: Due to apocalypse the 2020 GJC has had to be postponed until next year. This is very sad news for us and we were very much looking forward to seeing you there. Hopefully we'll meet at another convention soon.

    POSTPONED until 2021: "The Galway Juggling Convention (GJC) is the National University of Ireland, Galway’s (NUIG), annual juggling convention. This year it will take place Friday 4 June to Monday 7 June, 2021, Bailey Allen Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn, NUIG. Due to booking conflicts it does not take place during the bank holiday weekend, but we ARE still juggling until Monday.

    Come celebrate with us and have fun throwing, catching and spinning things. We will be having a Gala show, Renegade show, Fight Night Competition, Unicycle Gladiator competition as well as Games and Workshops.

    The Galway Juggling Convention is the only Galway based juggling convention, and currently one of four within the whole island. GJC first occurred in 2003, in the Galway Rowing Club, first held NUIG in 2010, and has run here since."
  • Event: EJC preparty (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia (see map)
  • Country: Russia (Россия)
  • When: 2021-07-11
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • About: Hi! If you live in Europe, since 2019 year you can get a free visa to Russia (if you flight to Saint-Petersburg)
    So, come to Russia on one week before EJC, and after go by speed train to Finland!

    We don't organize accommodation, but write to me - I can find jugglers home for you.
  • Event: 43rd European Juggling Convention, Hanko, Finland - EJC 2021, Hanko [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Hangö Högstadium, Koulukatu 13-15, 10900 Hanko, Finland (see map)
  • Country: Finland (Suomi)
  • When: 2021-07-17
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • About: Due to the Corona pandemic EJC 43 was postponed till 2021


    Hello everyone!

    We are excited to welcome you to the European Juggling Convention 2021 in HANKO, Finland!

    Hanko is a beautiful seaside town in the southernmost part of Finland. With three schools providing accommodation for over 600 people, 3 halls to practice in, lovely parks for camping and a big sports hall for 24/7 juggling. Pleasant beaches for swimming, playing volley-ball/club and idyllic space for fire jams.

    The whole convention site will be walk-able within 20 minutes, with the nearest stores just outside the EJC area. One can reach Hanko from Helsinki easily by train or a car.

    Within our team we have light and sound technicians, software engineers, project coordinators, scientists, professional circus instructors, experience in organising/promoting festivals/conventions/conferences such as the Nurtsi Youth Circus Festival, the Phoenix Fire Convention, the Berlin Katapult Education Centre as well as previous EJCs in both Finland and Ireland. All with a common passion and enthusiasm towards circus and flow arts.
  • Event: Dynamo Circus Festival '21 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Finlandkaj 6 5000 Odense, Denmark (see map)
  • Country: Denmark (Danmark)
  • When: 2021-08-12 From 17:30
  • About: ▼ ▼ ▼ DANSK ▼ ▼ ▼

    DYNAMO Circus Festival er udsat til næste år.
    Nyt år! Ny dato!
    Velkommen til en scenekunst-festival der hylder de fælles oplevelser - fri for smagsdommeri og vilkårlige avantgardisters tyranni. Et livsbekræftende favntag med det almenmenneskelige: Empatien, frygten, forløsningen, glæden, euforien, spændingen og kontrol-tabet. Sammen går vi i cirkus!
    Fjerde udgave af den internationale nycirkus-festival pakket med nycirkus, musik, fest, fællesskab og uforudsigelige oplevelser er en tour de force i vildskab, poesi, humor og magi. Mellem forladte siloer og industri på Odense Havn, kulturliv og bleg beton præsenterer DYNAMO igen i august en intens festival der viser nycirkus-genren frem fra sin absolut bedste side.
    En nycirkus-festival skal underholde, og den skal udfordre! Du kan regne med at årets program er udgjort af forbløffende nycirkus-forestillinger fra ind- og udland, overstimulerende livemusik der tvinger dansefeberen ud i ekstremiteterne, late-night åben scene kurrateret vilde cirkus-personligheder og endnu engang et filmprogram præsenteret i samarbejde med Odense International Film Festival.
    Når festivalen lakker mod enden og lørdag aften banker på døren åbner vi op for det vanlige episke nycirkus-flikflak der ér DYNAMOs ”Late Night Cabaret”: med nationale og internationale artister og elektronisk live-kompositioner - i år skabt og instrueret af en ganske særlig dansk nycirkus-artist, magiker og instruktør...
    Se det som en invitation til en festlig opdagelsesrejse i scenekunstgenren med folket i fokus, når vi på pladsen der omgiver Danmarks vildeste cirkushus, tilbyder cirkus-workshops, bands, foodtrucks, lokale DJs og - i denne weekend af august - Odenses bedst bemandede bar.
    Indenfor i cirkus-huset finder du som sædvanligt husets to mindre scener, en chill out lounge hvor du kan slappe af når du holder pause fra programmet, vores upolerede punk-tivoli stemning med tattoo-tombola, photo-booth og udklædningskasse, der som sædvanligt står klar til at understøtte en episk afterparty.

    DYNAMO Circus Festival: tre dage med nycirkus, musik, talks, film, workshops, men vigtigst af alt kulturel kollektivisme.
    DYNAMO Circus Festival er støttet af Nordic Council of Minsters, Odense Kommune og Statens Kunstfond, med støtte fra the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


    ▼ ▼ ▼ ENGLISH ▼ ▼ ▼

    The Festival has been postponed until next year. That means new date, and new year!
    Welcome to a performing arts festival that celebrates the shared experiences! Free from arbitrary avant-garde tyranny, this is a life-affirming embrace of the general human capacities: empathy, fear, redemption, joy, euphoria, tension and the loss of control. Together we explore circus!
    The fourth edition of the International Contemporary Circus Festival is packed with music, community, parties, unpredictable experiences and, of course, contemporary circus. It is a tour de force in intensity, poetry, humour and magic. Placed in between abandoned silos and harbour industry, cultural life and faded concrete – here, in August, DYNAMO presents an intense festival displaying this circus genre from its best side.
    A circus festival should entertain, but also challenge the status quo! That's why this year's programme contains astonishing circus performances, thrilling live music that sets the floor on fire, a late-night open stage curated by amazing circus experts, and a film program presented in collaboration with Odense International Film Festival.
    To close the festival and welcome the roaring Saturday night, we dive head-first into an epic circus buffet like no other – the signature DYNAMO “Late Night Cabaret”. This edition’s cabaret presents national and international artists accompanied by original electronic live music - created and directed by a very certain Danish contemporary circus artist, magician and now also director…
    Receive this invitation to a festive exploration of the humane dimensions of performing arts. On offer? - circus workshops, bands, food trucks, local DJs, shows and, to properly welcome you in this amazing land of circus - the best bartenders in Odense behind our quirky Gorilla Bar.
    Indoors, you will find the two DYNAMO stages, a chill-out lounge, where you can relax in between performances, and our rugged punk-fun atmosphere with tattoo tombola, the photo booth and the dress up central ready to provide you with stimuli to last you a life time for an epic after-party.

    DYNAMO Circus Festival: three days of contemporary circus, music, talks, films, workshops and cultural togetherness.
    The DYNAMO Circus Festival is supported by Nordic Council of Minsters, the municipality of Odense and the Danish Arts Foundation, with the support from the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
  • Event: Deutsch-Tschechisches Jonglier- und Gauklertreffen (Czech-German Juggling Meeting) Waldmuenchen - Jonglier und Gauklertreffen 2021 [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Schlosshof 1, 93449 Waldmünchen, Germany (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2021-08-27
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: DEUTSCH:

    Seit Jahren treffen sich Ende August Jongleur*innen, Akrobat*innen, Zauber- und Bühnenkünstler*innen an der Jugendbildungsstätte, um bei gemeinsamen Workshops ihre Fähigkeiten weiter zu entwickeln. Von Einsteiger-Workshops über Pädagog*innen-Fortbildungen wie "Jonglieren richtig lehren und lernen" bis zu Profi-Workshops für Fortgeschrittene wird wieder alles vertreten sein. In der offenen Atmosphäre werden Lehrende zu Lernenden und umgekehrt, denn vieles kann man sich bei anderen abschauen. Höhepunkt ist der "Show-Abend der Gaukler- und Jongleure" am Samstagabend, bei dem die Teilnehmer*innen ihr Können einer breiten Öffentlichkeit präsentieren. In der Woche zuvor wird wieder der "International Theatreworkshop ALEJE" mit tschechischen und deutschen Teilnehmern*innen in Kooperation mit uns stattfinden - auch diesmal wieder in Spálené Poříčí in der Nähe von Pilsen.
    Zielgruppe: Interessierte Kinder und Jugendliche (ab 10 Jahren), Mitarbeiter*innen der Kinder- und Jugendarbeit (ab 15 Jahren)
    Leitung: Franz Bauer, Lisa Montag, Adéla Kratochvílová, Dáša Heiland Trávníková
    Kosten: DE 59 € / 49 € CZ 33 € /27 €
    TN-Zahl: 150 Personen
    Hinweis: Bitte bis Fr 06.08.2021 anmelden. Dieses Seminar findet in Kooperation mit Knoflík und mit dem "Divadlo Kufr" aus Brno (CZ) statt. Weitere Infos zum Treffen in Waldmünchen gibt es ab Frühjahr 2021 unter, Infos zum "19. International Theatreworkshop ALEJE" (21.-27.08.2021) in Spálené Porící (Tschechien, nahe Pilsen) unter



    For many years, jugglers, acrobats, magicians and stage artists have been meeting at the end of August at the youth education centre to further develop their skills in joint workshops. From workshops for beginners to advanced training for pedagogues; such as "How to teach and learn to juggle properly" to professional workshops for advanced learners, everything will be represented again. In the open atmosphere, teachers become learners and vice versa, because a lot can be learned from others. The highlight is the "show evening for jugglers and jugglers" on Saturday evening, during which the participants present their skills to a broad public. In the week before, the "International Theatre Workshop ALEJE" with Czech and German participants will take place in cooperation with us - again this time in Spálené Poříčí near Pilsen.
    Target group: Interested children and young people (from 10 years), employees in child and youth work (from 15 years)
    Direction: Franz Bauer, Lisa Montag, Adéla Kratochvílová, Dáša Heiland Trávníková
    Costs: DE 59 € / 49 € CZ 33 € / 27 €
    Number of participants: 150 people
    Note: Please register by Fri 06.08.2021. This seminar takes place in cooperation with Knoflík and with the "Divadlo Kufr" from Brno (CZ). Further information on the meeting in Waldmünchen will be available from spring 2021 at, information on the "19th International Theatre Workshop ALEJE" (21-27 August 2021) in Spálené Porící (Czech Republic, near Pilsen) at .