European Juggling Events Supplied By Juggling Edge

  • Event: Midlands Circus Con (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Nottingham (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2020-09-26
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • About: M C C is under construction

    We will shortly be inviting you to join us at The Mids Circus Convention - bringing the best workshops and studio time to the midlands. Along with jaw dropping demos and performances.
  • Event: Българска Жонгльорска Конвенция / Bulgarian Juggling Convention (BJC) - Българска Жонгльорска Конвенция [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Национален студентски дом, square "Narodno Sabranie" 10, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria (see map)
  • Country: Bulgaria (България)
  • When: 2020-10-09 From 17:00 Until 22:00
  • About: БЪЛГАРСКИ:

    Здравейте! Ето че имаме възможността и мястото да Ви поканим на "Първата Българска Жонгльорска Конвенция"- гр. София.
    Благодарим на "Национален Студентски Дом", които ни предоставят чудесни пространства за провеждането ѝ.

    Събитие като това се провежда за първи път в България и затова искаме да направим едно пояснение: жонгльорските конвенции са фестивален формат, който се провежда по цял свят и обединява всички изкуства, свързани с цирковата сцена (акробатика, еквилибристика, танци, музика, жонглиране и др. )
    Конвенциите са основани за отворен обмен на опит между артисти с артисти, както и артисти с любители, които искат да повишат своя тонус и концентрация в ежедневието и да придобият нови умения.

    В три поредни дни ( 09-10-11 .11 .2020 г. ) ще имате възможността да присъствате на разнообразни работилници ( workshops) , игри , забави и невероятна Гала вечер, подходяща за всички възрасти.

    Събитието се организира изцяло на доброволни начала - т.е. ще имаме кутия за дарения. Работилниците (workshops) ще се провеждат на същия принцип - средствата са за лекторите. Ще има билетче само за Гала вечерта, като по-голямата част от средствата отиват за артистите.
    Събраните средства ще е се ползват за провеждане на ново събитие.
    Условия на конвенцията:
    1.Залата е отворена за ползване :
    09.10. от 17.00 до 22:00
    10.10 от 10:00 до 22:00
    11.10 от 10.30 до 18:30
    2. Залата не е тренировъчен салон , но има необходимата височина за провеждането и.
    3. В същата зала се провеждат и представленията .
    4. Бар .
    5. Тоалетна .
    6. Душове - не .
    7. Къмпинг - не .
    8. Организаторите си запазват правото за промени в програмата и датите на събитието . .


    P.S. Отворена покана !
    Екипът ни е малък , за това ако искаш да участваш или помогнеш си добре дошъл: да направиш работилница-workshop, да споделиш интересна идея, да снимаш, да се включиш в Гала вечерта и др.
    Свържете се с нас за предложения



    Hello! We finally have the opportunity and the place to invite you to the "First Bulgarian Juggling Convention" - Sofia.
    Special thanks to the “National Student House” who will provide their wonderful spaces to host it.
    An event like this has never been held in Bulgaria before, so we want to make one brief explanation: Juggling Conventions are a festival format, held all over the world that brings together all the arts related to the circus scene (acrobatics, equilibristics, dance, music, juggling, etc.) Conventions are based on the open exchange of experience between artists and artists, as well as artists and amateurs who want to increase their tone and concentration in their everyday life and learn some new skills.

    For three days in a row (9th - 10th - 11th October 2020 ) you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops, games, fun activities and an amazing Gala evening suitable for all ages.

    The event is organised entirely by volunteers - so we will have a donation box. Workshops will work the same way - the funds are for the lecturers. There will only be a ticket for the Gala evening, as most of the funds will go to the artists.
    The funds raised will be used to host a new event.

    Conditions of the Convention:
    1. The hall is open for use:
    9th October from 5pm to 10pm
    10th October from 10am to 10pm
    11th October 10:30am to 6:30pm
    2. The hall is not a training room, but it has enough height
    3. Shows are held in the same hall
    4. Bar.
    5. Toilet.
    6. No showers.
    7. No camping
    8. Organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme and dates of the event

    The Programme Will Be Published Very Soon

    P.S. Open call !
    Our team is small, so if you want to participate or help you are welcome to: do a workshop, share an interesting idea, take photos, join the Gala in the evening, etc.
    You can contact us with your ideas
  • Event: 6. Tohuwabohu Convention (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Volkspark Halle, Schleifweg 8a, 06114 Halle/Saale (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2020-10-09
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Liebe Freunde der Schwerkraft, die angesagteste Jongliereskalation des wilden Ostens meldet sich zurück!
    Tohuwabohu 6.0 wartet auf mit allem, was das Werferherz begehrt: Workshops, Open Stage, hochkarätige Galashow, Conventionspiele und vieles mehr.
    Meldet Euch ab sofort (09.03.2020) auf unserer Homepage an und sichert Euch jetzt eines der insgesamt 200 Tickets zum günstigen Vorzugspreis. Gut Wurf! wünscht Euch Euer Tohuwabohu Team
  • Event: Durham Juggling And Circus Convention - DJCC (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Teesdale leisure centre (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2020-10-16 From 19:00 Until 15:00
  • About: The Durham Juggling Convention is the North East’s largest community Juggling and Circus Event. It is organised by the 3 largest circus groups in the North East of England.

    This annual event draws jugglers from all over the country to meet, share skills, play games and watch the cabaret-style show in the evening. Both the convention and show are also open to the public, so if you’ve ever fancied learning to juggle or you’d like to find out what it’s all about then come along!The convention will run from Friday 16th October to Sunday 18th October 2020. Doors will open at 6:00pm on Friday at The Hub.

    There will be lots of fun on Friday night (working on an oktoberfest beer and music night) and on Saturday night we will be having our main show which is packed with many great acts! This year the main show will be held in a separate building next door to the leisure centre at the Glaxo Social Club which has an onsite bar which will be open for the duration of the show.

    On Saturday we will be based in Teesdale Leisure Centre, which is within walking distance of the overnight accommodation. There will be One large sports halls open all day, the smaller hall 2pm -5pm and a squash court with plenty of space for the usual array of activities such as juggling, unicycling, acro and board games.
    There will also be plenty of traders at the convention!

    As usual we provide indoor sleeping space and outdoor camping for people who want to come and make a weekend of it. Camping facilities will be based at The Hub which is 2 minutes to the sports centre and club. It has 2 halls, chill out space and great outdoor areas (including fire pit). The Hub also provides bunk beds in shared rooms which can be booked direct with them.
  • Event: Ceci n'est pas une quille 2020 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Rue de Bohémont, 1 (6880 Bertrix - Belgium) (see map)
  • Country: Belgium (België)
  • When: 2020-11-06
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: A belgian convention full of juggling activities :

    🎪 Open Stage
    🤹‍♀️ Workshops
    🤸‍♂️Juggling Games
    🥇Juggling Battle
    🤼‍♀️ Fight Night
    🔥 Fire Session
  • Event: Leeds Juggling Convention - LJC [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: St Mary’s School, Bradford Road, Menston, LS29 6AE (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2020-11-21 From 10:00 Until 21:00
  • About: **********Date provisional until school can confirm.***********
    Back again at the same venue. All day large juggling hall, tea room, free tea, coffee and doughnuts, bring a mug.
    Workshops, games and evening show.
    More info to some point.
  • Event: Thomas Dietz Jonglier-Convention bei der Traumfabrik (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Regensburg (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2021-04-09
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Diese Jonglier-Convention wird geleitet vom Jonglier-Weltmeister und Weltrekordhalter Thomas Dietz. Die Jonglier-Convention kostet Euch nichts. Und auch die Übernachtung in der Turnhalle kostet nix! Essen kann selbst mitgebracht werden oder bei der Gastro gekauft werden. Was ist zu tun? Bewerbung formlos an die Traumfabrik per E-Mail schicken an [email protected] Inhalt: Name, Handynr., Alter (das Du am 17. April haben wirst – brauchen wir wegen der Aufsichtspflicht Minderjähriger). Achtung: Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt. Die Zusage erfolgt nach Eingangstermin der Anmeldungen - also bei Interesse, so schnell wie möglich anmelden. Es wird eine Open Stage geben mit 1.000 Zuschauern. Thomas Dietz wird 4x eine Show zeigen. Zudem gibt es eine Disco-Party und weitere Shows (mit und ohne Jonglage). Parallel zur Jonglier-Convention findet die Traumfabrik-Akademie statt (größte Workshop-Veranstaltung in Deutschland für Theater, Artistik, Tanz, Rhythmus mit über 1.000 Teilnehmern; hier ein Video: und somit ist ordentlich Leben in der Bude und Ihr kommt in Kontakt mit Menschen, die Euch ggf. mit anderen Dingen inspirieren. Ein wirklich einzigartiges Erlebnis – es lohnt sich, dabei zu sein! PS: Wer will, kann am Kurs „Jonglieren für Fortgeschrittene“ mit dem Jonglier-Weltmeister Manuel Mitasch teilnehmen. 7 Vollstunden für 98,- €
  • Event: Galway Juggling Convention 2021 - GJC 2021 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Aras na Mac Leinn NUIG (see map)
  • Country: Ireland (Éire)
  • When: 2021-06-04 From 16:00 Until 16:00
  • About: Due to apocalypse the 2020 GJC has had to be postponed until next year. This is very sad news for us and we were very much looking forward to seeing you there. Hopefully we'll meet at another convention soon.

    POSTPONED until 2021: "The Galway Juggling Convention (GJC) is the National University of Ireland, Galway’s (NUIG), annual juggling convention. This year it will take place Friday 4 June to Monday 7 June, 2021, Bailey Allen Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn, NUIG. Due to booking conflicts it does not take place during the bank holiday weekend, but we ARE still juggling until Monday.

    Come celebrate with us and have fun throwing, catching and spinning things. We will be having a Gala show, Renegade show, Fight Night Competition, Unicycle Gladiator competition as well as Games and Workshops.

    The Galway Juggling Convention is the only Galway based juggling convention, and currently one of four within the whole island. GJC first occurred in 2003, in the Galway Rowing Club, first held NUIG in 2010, and has run here since."
  • Event: EJC preparty (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia (see map)
  • Country: Russia (Россия)
  • When: 2021-07-11
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • About: Hi! If you live in Europe, since 2019 year you can get a free visa to Russia (if you flight to Saint-Petersburg)
    So, come to Russia on one week before EJC, and after go by speed train to Finland!

    We don't organize accommodation, but write to me - I can find jugglers home for you.
  • Event: 43rd European Juggling Convention, Hanko, Finland - EJC 2021, Hanko [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Hangö Högstadium, Koulukatu 13-15, 10900 Hanko, Finland (see map)
  • Country: Finland (Suomi)
  • When: 2021-07-17
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • About: Due to the Corona pandemic EJC 43 was postponed till 2021


    Hello everyone!

    We are excited to welcome you to the European Juggling Convention 2021 in HANKO, Finland!

    Hanko is a beautiful seaside town in the southernmost part of Finland. With three schools providing accommodation for over 600 people, 3 halls to practice in, lovely parks for camping and a big sports hall for 24/7 juggling. Pleasant beaches for swimming, playing volley-ball/club and idyllic space for fire jams.

    The whole convention site will be walk-able within 20 minutes, with the nearest stores just outside the EJC area. One can reach Hanko from Helsinki easily by train or a car.

    Within our team we have light and sound technicians, software engineers, project coordinators, scientists, professional circus instructors, experience in organising/promoting festivals/conventions/conferences such as the Nurtsi Youth Circus Festival, the Phoenix Fire Convention, the Berlin Katapult Education Centre as well as previous EJCs in both Finland and Ireland. All with a common passion and enthusiasm towards circus and flow arts.