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  • Event: CATCH! [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Appleby Grammar School (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-07-23
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • About: A crazy big party celebration of all things juggling and some added circus fun! All the key ingredients of a great juggling convention; 24 hour halls, games, competitions, gala shows (and we've added some sugar and spice to make this one special!) Recipe for success amigos!

    A British convention of juggling, held in Appleby, Cumbria, UK. In summer time. A one off event to celebrate the 250 years of circus and juggling through-out that time. Come CATCH a show, or CATCH up with friends..make sure you try to CATCH your props too!

    Buy tickets here:

    Check out the facebook page its got way more details!
  • Event: FarbenSommer-Convention 2018 (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Ars Vitae, Straße der Jugend 30A, 08228 Rodewisch/ Vogtland (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2018-07-27
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Preise: Fr-So 25 € (Fr 10€, Sa 15€, So 5€)
    Selbstversorgung, Getränkeverkauf, Isomatte + Schlafsack und co. mitbringen.
  • Event: Acroatia - Croatian Acrobatic Festival 2018 - Acroatia (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Robinson camp Sound&Vision, Gornji Zvečaj bb, 47262 Gornji Zvečaj, Karlovačka, Croatia (see map)
  • Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • When: 2018-07-30
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • About: Acroatia 2018 - third time’s a charm
    3rd Croatian Acrobatic Festival

    Register here:

    TEACHERS & ARTISTS confirmed so far:
    Bart Venne, Scott Jumps, Michaela Kurkiewicz…

    Be ready to enjoy workshops with an international teaching crew, acrobatics, handstands, yoga, therapy, good food, kayaks and canoes, nice people & exceptionally beautiful nature.

    We are looking forward to share playfulness of acrobatics, joy of movement, tranquillity of yoga mornings, relaxing therapy evenings and a lot of amazingness in between ;)

    Save the date and become a part of our festival by registering because places are limited!

    Early bird (before 1 April 2018,
    or first 20 people)
    €340 for the whole festival
    €260 price for Balkan region

    Slow bird ( from 1 April 2018)
    €390 for the whole festival
    €310 for people from Balkan region

    +50€ extra if you want to sleep in the floating tree tent and support this alternative accommodation.

    What you get for your money:
    - the price includes intensive teaching schedule, simultaneous workshops for different levels, plenty of local vegetarian food and amazing camping place in nature next to the beautiful river Mrežnica
    - 30 places in wooden huts and three big scout tents for accommodation; we also invite you to bring your own homes to Acroatia.
    - safety lounge and hardcore training for people who are ready to challenge themselves
    - hot summer days and clear night skies with campfires

    You can see some pictures of the location here:

    If you would like to come & secure your place, you need to send us the following registration information by filling this form:

    After registering we will send you the payment details. Your place will be secure once you have paid.

    If you have any additional questions or you are in need of extra information you can send us an email at: [email protected]

    Much Smiles,
    Bart, Maja, Mia, & Luka
    >>>>>>> ☺☺☺☺☺ <<<<<<<

    Acroatia location
    Venue: Robinson camp Sound & Vision
    Address: Gornji Zvečaj bb, Gornji Zvečaj, Karlovačka, Croatia
    Directions to the location:
  • Event: Jonglier- und POI-Convention [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Barleber See, Am Mittellandkanal 5 in 39126 Magdeburg (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2018-08-09
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • About: Wir als Landesjugendwerk der AWO Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. möchten allen begeisterten Jongleur_innen und Poi-Spieler_innen die Möglichkeit geben, sich zu treffen, auszutauschen und sich gegenseitig neue Tricks beizubringen. Doch auch Anfänger_innen sind willkommen, grundlegende Figuren und Tricks zu erlernen, mit dem Flowerstick zu hantieren oder an Capoeira und Tanz als auch dem sicheren Umgang mit dem Feuerpoi teilzuhaben.

    Darüber hinaus werden auf der POI-Convention zahlreiche kreative Workshops wie bspw. Siebdruck, Häkeln, Hula Hupp u.v.m. angeboten. Alle Teilnehemden sind herzlich eingeladen selbst einen Workshop auf der POI-Convention anzubieten und sich aktiv in das Programm einzubringen!

    Die Jonglier- und Poi – Convention möchte junge Menschen zusammenbringen, die Freude am Experimentieren, an Bewegung und Koordination haben. Das alles vor der wunderbaren Kulisse des Barleber Sees, der euch bei gutem Wetter auch zum Baden einlädt.
  • Event: Play Festival 2018 - Play 2018 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Hopton Court, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster, DY14 0EF (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-08-15
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • About: PLaY festival will be hosted at the beautiful Hopton Court on the Shropshire/Worcestershire/Herefordshire borders. With a walled garden, orangery, coach house, woodland and acres of parkland there will be plenty of space to PLaY.
  • Event: FDC 2018, Finnish Diabolo Convention - FDC 2018 (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Eräjärvi (see map)
  • Country: Finland (Suomi)
  • When: 2018-08-16 From 15:00 Until 22:00
  • About: Now We really can announce that at FDC2018 is happening.
    So don't miss this festival of a lifetime! There will be great bands playing at sauna by the lake and some of the best diabolo players from Europe doing what they do best. So don't you dare to miss this party!!!

    FDC-festival isnow organized for the 13th time at Eräjärvi.
    FDC- festival has been the only diabolo-festival in Europe. FDC is also one of the most significant Diabolo events in the world. At FDC2015 we had participants from 10 different countries and from four different continents.
    Professional diabolo jugglers and amateur diabolo jugglers from all over the world travel to this festival to juggle diabolo, exchange tricks and have fun together.
    FDC2018 will take place at a great venue in Eräjärvi, Finland, like it always has. There are two main buildings + sauna by the lake surrounded by a spacious site that includes a campsite and a festival village. The site is conveniently located right in the middle of Eräjärvi village, that has one shop and a pub. Train station at Orivesi is at approximately half an car ride from Eräjärvi. This is the place we’ll be happy to pick you up to the festival. Good travel options are to fly to Helsinki, and take a bus from Helsinki airport to Tampere. To top it all off, there is a sauna by a lake within walking distance of the festival site!

    FDC is great festival for everyone! The festival program includes activities for diabolo jugglers and circus enthusiasts of all ages and all levels. There are beginners’ workshops as well as special master classes at an advanced level. The program is filled with world-class shows and performances. Even for non-jugglers there is plenty to do, and by the end of the convention they may have become diabolo jugglers too! There is even a sport event as a part of the festival called Diabolothon. Which has been orginized from 2007 as a part of FDC-festival.
  • Event: Cambridge Acro Festival 2018 (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: University of Cambridge Sports Centre, Philippa Fawcett Drive, Cambridge, CB3 0AS (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-08-17 From 11:00 Until 19:00
  • About: Cambridge Acro Festival is now SOLD OUT!

    3 full days of workshops, catering for all levels of standing and L based acro. The space is MASSIVE, meaning we can have loads of workshops as well as plenty of jam space :-)


    Confirmed so far, we have the fantastic
    - Jim Klinkhamer: the basics, lifting and carrying, L basing & standing
    - Scott Jumps and Michaela Kurkiewicz: standing acrobatics, especially hand to hand
    - Acro Bart (aka Bart Venne): standing acrobatics, icarian, banquine, h2h - the whole lot really!
    - Tom Mörtl and Ayla Moes: standing acrobatics, especially hand to hand & dynamic tricks
    - Forma fortis, aka Alexander Lenz and Ma Marion: standing acrobatics
    - Erica Montes and Kiran: acro yoga washing machines, pops and whips
    - Jaqui Wan: acro yoga and therapeutics
    - Neilon Pitamber: acro yoga
    - Verena Pietzner and Dion Skovgaard Jensen: standing acrobatics
    - Aleš Hren and Tanja Urankar: L basing and washing machines
    - Janni Scott-Walton: handstands and morning yoga
    - Kit Eckersley: flips and tumbling
    - Helena Astridge: handstands
    We’ll announce more teachers on facebook page as we confirm them :-)

    TIMETABLE (approximate):
    Friday: 11am - 10pm
    Saturday: 9am - 10pm
    Sunday: 9am - 7pm

    For those who think 3 days is a bit too short, we will also have a 'pre-con' with a workshop on the Wednesday evening with Tom and Ayla, and an open jam in the park on Thursday :-)

    For the 3 day festival, 17-19 August:
    Early bird (until 31st May): £75
    Lazy bird: £90

    For the 3 day festival + pre-con:
    Early bird (until 31st May): £100
    Lazy bird: £120
  • Event: 17th International juggling and theatre workshop ALEJE 2018 - ALEJE 2018 (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Spalene Porici Zamek (see map)
  • Country: Czech Republic (Česká republika)
  • When: 2018-08-18
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • About: We would like to invite jugglers and everybody else who is interested in juggling, acrobatics and theatre, to participate in the 17th international ALEJE 2018 workshop that will take place at the Spálené Poříčí castle near Pilsen, Czech Republic again!
    For the first time in Aleje history, the main teacher will be a woman! ANNI KUPPER from Germany - a great juggler and performer.
    Traditionally, additional workshops of theatre, movement, juggling or relaxation will be offered by KUFR theatre, alias Adela Kratochvilova and Dasha Heiland Travnikova.

    ALEJE 2018 take place at the Spálení Poříčí castle near Pilsen (GPS: 49.6146222N, 13.6062631E) and traditionally precedes the 24th Czech-German juggling convention in Waldmünchen, Germany.
    For Aleje workshop participants we arrange a bus transport to Waldmünchen, as well as for those, who will not participate at Aleje – we plan to arrange the bus on Friday, on the route Brno – Prague – Pilsen – Waldmünchen (and back on Sunday).
  • Event: Phoenix Fire Convention 2018 (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Sommerrodelbahn Waffenrod, Zum Burgberg 1, 98673 Eisfeld (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2018-08-23
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • About: Same Time-Same Direction!

    Auch dieses Jahr startet die Phoenix Fire Convention mit euch in eine tolle Zeit am letzten Augustwochenende!

    Das Tal des Thüringer Waldes im Blick könnt ihr tagsüber an Workshops verschiedenster Art und Anforderungen teilnehmen. Mit Einbruch der Nacht wird der Firespace mit dem Entzünden des Phönix lebendig und ihr könnt mit 1.000L Fluid bis zum Morgen feuern. Am Samstag wartet auch 2018 eine atemberaubende Galashow mit internationalen Künstlern auf euch und natürlich die Fancy Dress Night.

    Die ersten Tickets gibt es ab 13.01.2018 auf unserer Website.

    Natürlich freuen wir uns über jede Unterstützung in Form von Helferschichten und Mitgestaltung der Convention. Mit euren Helferpunkten könnt Ihr dieses Jahr einzigartige Andenken erwerben, die es zum Teil nur für Helfer geben wird. Wenn Ihr euch einbringen wollt, meldet euch einfach unter:
    [email protected]

    Das Thema der Fancy Dress Night wird in diesem Jahr Science VS Fantasy und damit meinen wir einen epischen Kampf zwischen zwei Fraktionen um die Vorherrschaft des Feuers!

    Einhörner gegen die Rick & Morty
    die Kreaturen von Mittelerde gegen Galileo Galilei, Pytagoras, Einstein und Co.
    Und doch fliegen die Drachen zusammen mit den Flugmaschienen von Leonardo da Vinci!

    Wir freuen uns wie jedes Jahr auf eure Kostüme und werden in diesem Jahr für besonders coole Kostüme auch ein Fotoshooting bereit halten!
    Achtet bitte auf eure Sicherheit bei der Kostümwahl!)

    Für das leibliche Wohl kann an verschiedenen Ständen geschlemmt werden (vegan/Fleisch) oder ihr versorgt euch einfach im Supermarkt der nahegelegenen Stadt.
    Natürlich ist auch Jacqui und ihr Team wieder vor Ort um euch bis in die späten Stunden mit dem leckeren und wohl hier und da schon bekannten Chai zu versorgen.

    Weiterhin sind mit dabei:
    - Martins Firespace-Healers aka „everybodies hands“ (Massagen und Wohlfühltherapie)
    - Team Fire-Space
    - Samstag eine Shoptime für Verkäufer und Käufer. Unter anderem mit Perfectpoi aus Berlin, Gora und Symetrix

    Bitte beachtet: die Phoenix Fire Convention ist eine Outdoor-Veranstaltung. Natürlich wird es auch überdachte Flächen geben, aber auch im Falle von nicht ganz optimalem Festival Wetter solltet ihr vorbereitet sein.

    Infos zur Location unter:
    Navigationssystem: 50.468862, 10.918697
    Zum Burgberg 1
    98673 Eisfeld

    News gibt es unter:

    Wir freuen uns auf Euch.


    Phoenix Fire Convention

    Same time - same direction!

    The Phoenix Fire Convention invites you to become part of an insane fiery weekend!

    During the day workshops for beginners as well as tricks of the Masterclass category await you. It also has a wonderful location with a wide view over the valleys of the Thuringian Forest. In the evening you can freeze on the Firespace with 1000l fluid until dawn. Also in 2018 we will be giving a spectacular gala show with international greats of the fireplay scene.

    The first tickets will be available from 13.01.2018 on our website.

    At the 2018 Phoenix, there is also the opportunity to volunteer and support the conventions.
    Just sign up in the mail below:
    [email protected]

    The theme of the carnival night this year is Science VS Fantasy and what is my fight against two factions for the supremacy of the fire!

    Unicorns against Rick & Morty
    Middle-earth against the workshops of Galileo Galilei
    And yet the dragons fly together with the flying machines of Leonardo da Vinci!

    We look forward to every year in this way this year for other cool customers also have a photo shoot ready!
    Please pay attention to your safety in the costume selection!)

    You can eat different dishes at the different stalls (vegan / meat). You can of course also in the shopping market of the city self-supply.

    Of course, Jacqui and her team sweeten us with best chai and good cakes for everyone!

    - Martins Firespace-Healers aka "Everyone's hands" (massages and well-being therapy)
    - Team Fire-Space
    - Saturday a Shoptime for sellers and buyers. Among others with Perfectpoi from Berlin, Gora and Symetrix

    Please note: Everything we do took place outside. Of course it will also be possible, but even in the case of wet weather it is possible that we naturally hope for the festival weather.

    Information about the location under:
    Navigation system:
    50.468862, 10.918697
    Zum Burgberg 1
    98673 Eisfeld

    News is always available at:

    We look forward to seeing you.
  • Event: De Skjève Conventie 6de editie [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Zeger van Heulestraat 53, 8501 Kortrijk, België (see map)
  • Country: Belgium (België)
  • When: 2018-08-31 From 19:00 Until 17:00
  • About: In september is het weer zover: de 6e editie van ‘De Skjève Conventie’. Deze jongleerconventie biedt gevarieerde workshops aan voor alle niveaus in een gezellige circussfeer. Dit jaar willen wij jullie verwelkomen van 31 aug – 2 sept.
    Dit jaar leven we ons weer een heel weekend uit op de hoeve ‘De Heerlijkheid van Heule’ (Zeger van Heulestraat 53-55).

    Nieuw dit jaar is de extra jongleerzaal, op slechts 2 minuten afstand van de hoeve.

    Camping is voorzien, breng wel zelf een tentje en slaapzak mee. Op zaterdagavond is iedereen, ook de minder motorisch vaardigen onder ons, welkom op de tribune voor knallende circusshows. Onze internationale artiesten geven het beste van zichzelf en gaan van start om 20u.

    De hoevepoorten gaan voor ons open op vrijdag 31 augustus om 19u.
    Huisdieren zijn niet toegestaan. Er zijn al voldoende koeien en kippen aanwezig.

    - VVK: 25 EUR voor het hele weekend, all in (24u jongleerzaal, bovenzaal hoeve, workshops, games, shows, camping, ontbijt zaterdag/zondag en BBQ zaterdag avond)
    - ADD: 35 EUR voor het hele weekend, all in (24u jongleerzaal, bovenzaal hoeve, workshops, games, shows, camping, ontbijt zaterdag/zondag en BBQ zaterdag avond)
    - 20 EUR enkel voor zaterdag, inclusief shows en BBQ
    - 10 EUR enkel voor zondag
    - 5 EUR enkel voor de shows
  • Event: Manchester Juggling Convention...On Tour - MJCOT [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Northwich Memorial Court, Chester Way, Northwich CW9 5QJ (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-09-01 From 10:00 Until 23:00
  • About: Manchester Juggling Convention is 'Back in Court'! Ok, so the Tour that didn't Tour very far Tour is returning to Northwich Memorial Court (Just about 20 miles south west of our old Chorlton venue) After last year's debut at this venue, quite literally some of you said you'd like us to do it again, so come back for some more fun and frolics and spread the word.

    If anybody would like to offer any workshops either let us know, and who knows, they may find themselves on a timetable or some such or come and see us at the reg desk and we'll fit you in.

    As has been traditional at recent Manchester conventions, our evening's entertainment will be the opportunity to join us for a social gathering at a separate venue, in this case at St Wilfrids Parish Centre Witton Street Northwich Cheshire CW9 5NP, so why not bring along a take-away and a cheeky beer or two and join us for a chilled evening with friends and the possibility of an impromptu (think renegade without the organisation) show, as ever it'll be up to you!
  • Event: SJC 2018 - Lozärn jongliert (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Allmendliweg, 6005 Luzern Luzern, Schweiz (see map)
  • Country: Switzerland (Schweiz)
  • When: 2018-09-07
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Dieses Jahr findet die schweizer Jonglier Convention in Luzern statt.
    Das Motto lautet "Lozän jongliert"
    Das Ganze findet im Hubelmattschulhaus und Turnhalle statt.
    Der Event ist gratis und es wir ein buntes Fest!
  • Event: Rastelli Festival 2018 [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Teatro Sociale Stagione, Bergamo, Italy (see map)
  • Country: Italy (Italia)
  • When: 2018-09-07
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Gala Show, workshops, Fight Night Combat, Juggling Act Competition, and Open Stage, all in the home town of Enrico Rastelli.
  • Event: Fly High: 3rd Annual Acro & Aerial Convention of Norwich - Fly High [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: The Oak Circus Centre, 1 Oak Street, Norwich, NR3 3AE (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-09-20 From 09:00 Until 21:00
  • About: We’re delighted to announce that we have reached a milestone in our mission to circus accessible to all! As part of the national Circus250 celebrations we are subsidising our third annual convention with the help of Norwich Historic Churches Trust (NHCT).

    Returning for a third year are a host of our favourite guest tutors and professionals, including German hand-to-hand duo Forma Fortis, Cyr Wheel specialist Kris Madden and our high-flying friends; Glasgow’s Aerial Edge. Many more incredible artists will be revealed in due course so stay in touch to hear all the latest on classes, skills and activities.

    3 Day Pass: £150 Full Price | 3 Day Pass: £120 Early Bird Tickets Book before Saturday 30 June | Day passes will be released later for £70
  • Event: Slovenski Akro FEstival - SAFE - SAFE (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Policijska Akademija Tacen, 1211 Ljubljana, Slovenia (see map)
  • Country: Slovenia (Slovenija)
  • When: 2018-09-21 From 16:00 Until 19:00
  • About: SLOVENSKI:

    +Ponosno predstavljava že četrto izvedbo edinega Slovenskega Akro FEstivala - SAFE.
    Tudi letos bova pripeljala akro učitelje mednarodnega slovesa in izkušenj.
    Prav tako bodo poleg akrojoge(partner akrobatike) na voljo tudi delavnice arial silka, slackline in ostalih cirkuških veščin.

    Osnovna cena za festival je 70€.
    Enodnevna(sob ali ned) je 40€.
    Spanje v 4posteljnih sobah v domu 10€/noč.
    Zajtrk 5€, Kosilo 6€.

    Prijave tule



    +We proudly present 4th edition of our Slovenian Acro FEstival - SAFE.
    Like previous years we will bring you worldwide famous international acro teachers.
    We will focus most on acro skills but there will also be some workshops for arial silk, slackline and rest of cirkus skills.

    Basic festival ticket is 70€.
    One day ticket is 40€.
    Sleeping in 4beds dorm room is 10€/night.
    Breakfast 5€, lunch 6€.

    Apply via this link
  • Event: Cupula Circus Village Festival (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Passadiços De Arcozelo (see map)
  • Country: Portugal
  • When: 2018-09-21 From 17:00 Until 23:00
  • About: CUPULA um festival, que é uma Vila de Circo à beira mar "plantada"!!!

    CUPULA é um festival organizado e dirigido pelo INAC- Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo em co-produção com a Junta de Freguesia de Arcozelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, que tem como principal foco a difusão e programação do circo contemporâneo em Portugal, mas também uma ligação forte com a pedagogia e o intercâmbio entre as escolas de circo espalhadas por todo o mundo.

    O CUPULA é uma Vila de Circo no coração de Arcozelo que se localiza-se junto à costa marítima, 10 km a sul da cidade de Vila Nova de Gaia e 5 km a norte da cidade de Espinho, durante 3 dias o festival proporciona a partilha, a cultura, a inclusão, diversos espectáculos de circo contemporâneo, intercâmbios de escolas de circo, espaços de treino e partilha, encontros de circo e camping gratuito envolvidos pelo cheiro do mar, da praia e desta bela localidade.

    O INAC é uma plataforma dedicada exclusivamente ao circo contemporâneo em Portugal, atuando na área da formação, residências, criação, programação e inclusão social localizada em Vila Nova de Famalicão.

    O Festival pretende ainda fomentar e acompanhar o crescimento do circo contemporâneo em Portugal promovendo a partilha e o intercâmbio internacional. Pretende também aproximar o “Novo Circo” ou “Circo Contemporâneo” a população de Arcozelo através de acções directas com a população local.



    CUPULA CIRCUS VILLAGE, the1st of its kind in Portugal


    - Circus Shows
    - Free Camping
    - Circus and acrobatics Training area
    - Beach
    - Workshops
    - Masterclasses
    - Circus Schools Showcase
    - Debates and conferences
    - Exhibitions
    - Jazz Concerts
  • Event: Camvention 2018 - Cambridge Juggling Convention - Camvention 2018 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Cambridge University Sports Centre (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-09-22
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • About: Welcome to Camvention. We are back for our 6th year running, with all the trimmings you know and love in the lovely Cambridge University Sports Centre.
    Camvention, the Cambridge Juggling Convention, is an annual event run by the Cambridge University Jugglers' Association and Cambridge Community Circus, open to anyone with an interest in circus.

    Whats on:-
    Lots of space to juggle and play during the day in the big sports hall.
    Games in the afternoon.
    A show, also in the Sports Centre.
    Combat - Play fighting for jugglers!
    Workshops on a range of juggle-y things

    Full event £10
    Day only £7
    Show only £7
    Family and Student/Sports Hall user tickets available
  • Event: Herfst Jongleer Weekend 2018 - HJW 2018 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: De Hems 16-20, 7522 NL Enschede (see map)
  • Country: Netherlands (Nederland)
  • When: 2018-09-28 From 20:00 Until 16:00
  • About: The annual Juggling event at the University of Twente is going to be a wild one this year!
    The Herfst Jongleer Weekend in Enschede is one of the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, and for the first time ever there will also be an acro and aerial space including slacklines!

    You can sleep in our cabins or in your own tent next to the gym. On saturday evening there will be a Fight Night, followed by dancing on live music!

    What is the HJW?
    Fight Night
    Aerial silks
    Live Band + Dancing
    Lots of fun!

    Tickets are only €35, including breakfast, dinner and lodging!

    Where will the HJW take place?
    This weekend will be organised in Enschede, a city in the Netherlands close to the border of Germany.

    Also looking forward to the HJW?
    Sign up at!
  • Event: 4. Tohuwabohu-Convention [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Evangelische Johannisgemeinde, An der Johanniskirche 2, 06110 Halle/Saale (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2018-10-05
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Liebe Freunde der Schwerkraft, Euer Zuspruch in 2017 war überwältigend und spornt uns an, Tohuwabohu in 2018 wieder zu einem zauberhaften Ereignis für uns alle werden zu lassen.
    Neben grandiosen Workshops und Spielen wird es auch diesmal wieder eine hochkarätige internationale Galashow im Puschkinhaus (ehem. Thalia Theater) und eine spannende Soloshow geben!
    Die letzten Teilnehmerzahlen sprengten nicht nur unsere Erwartungen, sondern beinahe auch die Platzkapazitäten, wir empfehlen Euch daher, Euch rechtzeitig voranzumelden!
  • Event: Deutsche Yo-Yo Meisterschaft 2018 [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig, Germany (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2018-10-05
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Die 21. Deutsche Yo-Yo Meisterschaften finden am 5. - 7. Oktober 2018 in Leipzig auf der modell-hobby-spiel statt.
    In den Kategorien 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A und Art & Performance wird jeweils der Titel Deutscher Yo-Yo Meister vergeben! Zudem gibt es noch für unsere Newcomer die Sports Class.

    Anmeldung ab Sommer 2018 auf
  • Event: Ich Jonglier mit meiner Laterne - Hamburg [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Stadtteilschule Bergedorf, Ladenbeker Weg 13, 21033 Hamburg (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2018-10-05
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Mit deiner Laterne jonglieren

    Von deiner Laterne jongliert werden

    Von selbst mitgebrachtem Geschirr schmausen




    Spaß Spaß Spaß
  • Event: 6ème Convention de Cirque - Polichinelle - Convention Polichinelle (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Ecole des Six Bonniers, rue Paquay 51, 4100 Seraing, Belgique (see map)
  • Country: Belgium (België)
  • When: 2018-10-06 From 10:00 Until 02:00
  • About: This is the 6th edition of the Polichinelle Convention from the Circus school in Seraing!


    10h00 : Doors opening
    10h00 - 19h00 : Workshops
    20h00 - 21h30 : Gala show at the local cultural centre
    21h30 - 02h00 : More workshops, juggling games, open stage ...

    The convention ends at 02h00! There's a possibility to sleep in a nearby gymnasium (9min by car). Please let us know if you wish to sleep there!


    Presented by CIE UN POCO CHUNGO CLOWN (Jose Alberto Herrera Fretes and Laia Cuellar – Clowns/Jugglers)

    *DUO ANDRÉ LEO - Jean-Baptiste André and Robin Léo - Cyr Wheel
    *A BOUT DE SOUFFLE– Erika Matagne and Johnson Saint-Felix - Acro, hand to hand
    *DAMIAN – Damian Kubitzki - Diabolos
    *CIRCO A LA MALETA - Angelo Burgos - Balls
    *DUO ROSSTRO - Facundo Munoz Trovo and Juan Marcelo Rossi - Acro
    *CIRCO A LA MALETA –Laureline Dubois- Clubs
    *EMILE – Emile Themelin - Unicycle Flatland
    *ELISE – Elise Vanpraet - Object manipulation, umbrellas
    *ECOLE DE CIRQUE POLICHINELLE - Collective work, unicycle, acro, juggling
    * And more surprises!

    Plenty of hall space for everybody and every discipline. We also have a really, really, really high ceiling for those who like to throw really really really high!

    Please see the facebook event linked to view the whole area description.

    PRICE :

    PRESALES 1st Phase: from 03/09/2018 to 20/09/2018


    GALA YOUNG € 8,00
    GALA ADULT € 10,00

    FULL PASS YOUNG € 10,00
    FULL PASS ADULT € 14,00

    SALES: from 21/09/2018 to 06/10/2018


    GALA YOUNG € 10,00
    GALA ADULT € 12,00

    FULL PASS YOUNG € 12,00
    FULL PASS ADULT € 16,00
  • Event: Herxheim Jonglierconvention [1] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: PAMINA-Schulzentrum, Südring 11, 76863 Herxheim bei Landau, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland (see map)
  • Country: Germany (Deutschland)
  • When: 2018-10-12
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • About: Hast du genug von der Zivilisation? Steht dir der Großstadtdschungel bis hier? Wenn dich der Entdeckerdrang packt, dann pack deine Ausrüstung und gib dem Fernweh nach. Setze die metaphorischen Segel deines Gefährts und begib dich auf die sagenumwobene Reise ins noch sagenumwobenere Herxheim zum am sagenumwobensten P(f)älzer Jongliertreffe(n).

    Mach dich auf in den Jonglier-Dschungel (den sog. Jongel), wo uriges Urwaldflair sowie urheberrechtlich und anderweitig geschützte Urangutans dich die Uhrzeit vergessen lassen. Treffe andere Dschungel-Jongleure (sog. Dschungleure) und unternimm mit ihnen zusammen wagemutige Expeditionen, wie das Erkunden des Tempels des Aztekengottes Hüpffallcoatl (Hüpfburg), das Schwingen auf einer Liane durch Tarzans Reich (Spiel- und Turnbereich), oder die Suche nach dem Aztekengold (Geocache), das nicht halb so sagenumwoben ist wie diese Dschunglierconvention. Und wer bereits genug von der Welt gesehen hat, um damit Enzyklopädien zu füllen, kann sein Wissen im Rahmen von Survivaltrainings (Workshops) an angehende Entdecker weitergeben. Müde Zeitgenossen können es sich im Basiscamp (Schlafhalle) gemütlich machen, oder sich unter einem der nahegelegenen Wasserfälle (Duschen) erfrischen.
  • Event: London Circus Symposium (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Acland Burghley School, London, NW5 1UJ (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-10-13 From 10:00 Until 22:00
  • About: Early Bird Tickets £12

    Standard Ticket £15

    Supporters Ticket (Ticket and T-shirt) £25

    Supporters + Ticket (Ticket and Hoodie) £40
  • Event: Durham Juggling Convention - DJC2018 [1] [2] (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: The Hub, Ing Lane, Shaw Bank, Barnard Castle DL12 8TD (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2018-10-19 From 18:00 Until 16:00
  • About: The north east’s Largest community Juggling and Circus Event.
    Date: 19 to 21 October for 2018
    This annual event draws jugglers from all over the country to meet, share skills, play games and watch the cabaret-style show in the evening. Both the convention and show are also open to the public, so if you’ve ever fancied learning to juggle or you’d like to find out what it’s all about then come along!
    Read more about the event at our Facebook event page
    3 Locations:
    Saturday day time – 2 Sports Halls+
    Teessdale Leisure Centre
    Barnard Castle, DL12 8DS
    Friday and Saturday evening and night – sleeping and juggling halls.
    The Hub
    Barnard Castle, DL12 8TD
    Saturday night public show
    Glaxo Social Club
    Barnard Castle, DL12 8DT
    On Saturday 20th October we will be based in Teesdale Leisure Centre which is within walking distance of the overnight accommodation. With 2 big sports halls (unicycles allowed) and squash courts there is plenty of space for the usual array of activities such as juggling, unicycling, aerial, acro and board games.
    This year the show will be held in a separate building next door to the leisure centre at the Glaxo Social Club which has an onsite bar which will be open for the duration of the show.
    As usual we provide indoor sleeping space and outdoor camping for people who want to come and make a weekend of it. The on both the Friday Saturday night. Camping facilities will be based at The HUB which is 2 minutes to the sports centre and club. It has 2 halls, chill out space and great outdoor areas (including fire pit). The Hub also provides bunk beds in shared rooms which can be booked direct with them.
  • Event: British Juggling Convention 2019 - BJC 2019 (see event on JugglingEdge)
  • Where: Harvey Haddon Sports Village Nottingham UK (see map)
  • Country: UK
  • When: 2019-04-10 From 14:00 Until 16:00
  • About: The team have decided that it will be a Bare Bones Edition!

    Not sure what this means? Well here is a little explanation :

    Bare Bones – meaning no frills, no organised shows, no off site events just a hall, a field and space for all your juggling fuelled imagination.

    We are inviting you to make the event what you want it to be.

    There will be a stage area set up with tiered seating, a stage, a sound desk and lights. If you would like to perform your act or put together a show then you can.

    There will be a Workshop Wall – if you want to run a workshop then fill in the online calendar and then when you arrive make sure you fill in the card and attach it to the correct day, time and room slot.

    When you get here if, for example, you want to sort out an impromptu trick share, then you need to go to the Info Desk, get some paper and pens and put up a poster on the Workshop Wall telling people when and where to go and then go for it!

    The BJC has always been heralded as an event ‘for jugglers by jugglers’. In recent years it has started to become very organised and slick but for one reason or another (EJC2019) there isn’t enough time, people or money to continue with this format this year!