All of our fire equipment and loose wicks use 100% Para-Aramid fibre.
Generic Para-Aramid is often incorrectly referred to as Kevlar® which was originally created by DuPont in 1965. Only para aramid fibre produce by Dupont can be called Kevlar®. The technical name for Kevlar® is Para-Aramid.
Para-Aramid is a very strong, heat resistant synthetic fibre which is woven into strips and used for all good fire wicks. This is the best known material for fire props and, unlike inferior wicks using glass fibre or even asbestos, it is durable, inert and completely non- toxic in normal use.
Please note: Para-Aramid is heat resistant, not fire proof. To extend the life of your fire wicks we suggest you use only Paraffin. Avoid using alcohol based fuels as these burn at higher temperature and will degrade the wicks faster.

A lot of the cheaper Aramid products on the market have fibreglass mixed in with the kevlar- the fibreglass does not absorb the fuel and tends to turn silver and dry up with time. If this happens, we recommend you replacing your wick with a purer grade of wick.

Click here for fire safety.

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  • Gora Vulcane + Funnel - 90.5cm

    Gora Vulcane + Funnel - 90.5cm

    1 Review(s)

    The Vulcane is an elegant cane for a special substance called Lycopodium - used together carefully they can make massive fire effects to shock your audience.
    Lycopodium is a fine dry powder made of a plant which has been used for fire effects for hundreds of years.
    You need to sprinkle the powder into a flame. Upon contact it will catch fire and makes a massive fire circle around you.
    First you need to apply the Lycopodium into the tube (using a funnel works best). Then you can apply the paraffin to the Kevlar on the Vulcane with a syringe. From the moment you place the Lycopodium into the tube, you have to keep the cane upright. Then carefully light the cane - make sure that there is no person, animal or any flammable material in 6 metre diameter space around you. Only if the space is safe, you can then swing the cane strongly. The centrifugal force will bring out the powder which will ignite upon contact with the head. Needless to say this is a very dangerous prop and only available to adults with adequate training.

    Price is for 1 Vulcane Learn More

  • Flaming Devilstick Hand Control Sticks

    Flaming Devilstick Hand Control Sticks

    Silicone coated fire devilstick handsticks with an aluminium shaft. These works well with any of the fire flower or devil stick. When soaked in paraffin they are a little heavier than other handsticks so need a little getting used to. Expect fairly short burn times but an extra dangerous element to performances. Fire devil sticking should only be attempted by adults.

    Priced per pair

    Weight: 100g per handstick
    Length: 45cm with Kevlar® wicks
    Fire wick length: 40cm
    Fire wick width: ~ 25mm - 30mm

    Learn More

  • Gora's Handfire - Fire Palms - Hand Candles

    Gora's Handfire - Fire Palms - Hand Candles

    1 Review(s)

    These are ideal for belly dancers looking to add another dimension to their show.
    Leather hand grips hold the candles securely in place allowing you complete freedom of movement.
    The price is for a pair.

    Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit. Learn More


  • Gora Fire Bug

    Gora Fire Bug

    4 Review(s)
    It is made mainly for dancers, but it can be used as a nice magic trick or for manipulation. The Fire Fly is a little fire head on a thin chain connected together between two spring cages made of steel. There are two different spring cages with different lengths of chains. It can also be used as a "mono poi" when open and has an adjustable length. The spring cages are fixed to the fingers with a leather loop. The size of the loop is changeable with its screw to suit anyone's finger. It's a light toy, weighing only 150g. - Do not use the loop too tight, you have to take it off easily on your own in case of emergency. - Keep the leather loop away from paraffin. If it sucks up some paraffin accidentally, DO NOT USE the Fire Fly! Learn More

  • Gora Fire Stage Lamp

    Gora Fire Stage Lamp

    This lamp is a stylish solution for fire performances who need a tool to light up fire props during performances. Purchasing several will even allow performers to make their own stage! The lamp has several advantages for working fire performers. As well as being stylish and elegant, it is:

    - Easy to transport, with a modest size and detachable tripod stand.

    - Includes a chain linked cap to allow performers to extinguish fire easily and safely

    - A safe-closing tank cap which allows easy and clean refuelling

    - Available in two different colours

    Please, use ONLY lamp oil or paraffin. Other fuels can be very dangerous. Learn More

  • Gora Magnetic Swinging Torch - Pair

    Gora Magnetic Swinging Torch - Pair

    1 Review(s)
    Gora are European manufacturers who create bespoke, high-quality fire equipment for performers. This is a pair of their magnetic swinging torches. Users can switch between flow-orientated swinging torch tricks using the carefully weighted props and the rounded knobs - and then attach the two torches together using the strong magnetic sections to make a miniature staff or baton. The magnet used is easy to connect and release but strong enough to avoid your staff becoming detached during powerful spinning and throwing tricks. This is a great prop to surprise your audience and an innovative modular performance tool that will be loved by fire spinners and flow arts performers. Made using 100% Puro Kevlar® and supplied as a pair. This prop is only appropriate for adults with the relevant amount of fire safety training.

    Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit. Learn More

  • Gora`s Double-Headed Fire Poi

    Gora`s Double-Headed Fire Poi

    Double burner fire poi made by Gora. Now with new redesigned leather handles. The bottom head has a 60 cm long 8 cm wide and the second has a 50 cm long 5 cm wide Kevlar® wick. The chain is made from a strong but lightweight metal, finished by a comfortable leather handle.
    Price is per pair

    Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit. Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Gora's Fire Flower Kick Stick

    Gora's Fire Flower Kick Stick

    3 Review(s)

    High-quality silicone coated fire flower stick made by Gora.
    The perfect stick for those who are used to flower sticks and want to play with fire.

    This stick has a fibreglass core which makes it virtually indestructible and allows very high kicks and punches. The core is covered with a heat-resistant, coloured silicone tube giving it an excellent look and grip. The Coloured silicone flowers / tassels gives a good speed and great stability. The Gora fire flowersitck uses Kevlar®
    Please remember, the silicone flowers are heat resistant but not fire proof. If you follow these guidelines your stick can last 100's of burns(with re-wicking:)
    - Do not use white spirit, benzene or alcohol based liquid.
    - Do not hold the stick in the vertical position. Keep it spinning or keep it held horizontally!?
    - Keep the silicone away from the fire liquid.
    - The silicone can become slippery in cold or wet environments.
    - You can kick the stick, but don’t forget, it is not your enemy! :)

    This devil stick is sold as standard without handsticks. Please choose your hand sticks here

    Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit. Learn More


  • Gora Body Torch

    Gora Body Torch

    Our body torches are a unique prop for fire dancers and acrobats. They create a wonderful set with our hand candles, which are similar in design.

    The difference is that the body torches can be attached to different parts of your body. They have a different attachment method, have a longer wire and a larger head. It is also possible to use the body torches as a hand candle.

    The thick leather circle protects the body from the heat of the flames. The Kevlar head is attached to a flexible spring wire which ensures that it doesn’t break or bend when hit by a force. This design supports durability and channels less heat towards your body.

    The body torches are fastened to your body with a velcro, so you can take them off with a single movement if necessary. The body torches can be attached to your upper and lower arms and ankles.

    Prices are for a pair.

    Usage recommendations:

    Read and follow fire safety requirements for clothing, this is especially important in case of body torches! For example, if you use the body torches on your legs, it is of uttermost importance that you wear either nothing on your legs, or relatively thick, fire safe materials which align with your legs and are not loosely floating. Also, never ever wear polyester or any fibers containing plastics.

    Always check the wind direction. Don’t use the body torches when the wind is strong, and take into account the wind direction in case of any wind at all – it can blow the flames towards your body.

    Thoroughly test your choreography, especially acrobatics to understand which moves channel the flames and heat towards your body.

    No fuel should get on the leather parts.

    Do not store your body torches in a closed bag, as the fuel might evaporate and eventually soak the leather parts, creating a fire hazard! After use, wait until the torches cool down, then store in a bag with some ventilation.

    Be careful when you hold the torches upside down!

    Learn More


  • Gora Fire Skipping Jumping Rope

    Gora Fire Skipping Jumping Rope

    It is made of a 16mm thick rope, and fixed strongly. The handles are made of wood and are covered with a heatproof silicone. The rings are extra strong, you can change the size with them. The swivels are also oversecured. Its weight is 420g. - Do not hit the ground with the rope because it will break. - Use it only with high experience, it is a dangerous equipment. - Always use long sleave shirt and trousers and hair protection. Learn More

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