All of our fire equipment and loose wicks use 100% Para-Aramid fibre.
Generic Para-Aramid is often incorrectly referred to as Kevlar® which was originally created by DuPont in 1965. Only para aramid fibre produce by Dupont can be called Kevlar®. The technical name for Kevlar® is Para-Aramid.
Para-Aramid is a very strong, heat resistant synthetic fibre which is woven into strips and used for all good fire wicks. This is the best known material for fire props and, unlike inferior wicks using glass fibre or even asbestos, it is durable, inert and completely non- toxic in normal use.
Please note: Para-Aramid is heat resistant, not fire proof. To extend the life of your fire wicks we suggest you use only Paraffin. Avoid using alcohol based fuels as these burn at higher temperature and will degrade the wicks faster.

A lot of the cheaper Aramid products on the market have fibreglass mixed in with the kevlar- the fibreglass does not absorb the fuel and tends to turn silver and dry up with time. If this happens, we recommend you replacing your wick with a purer grade of wick.

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  • How to Eat Fire: The Essential Guide DVD

    How to Eat Fire: The Essential Guide DVD

    How to Eat Fire: The Essential Guide by Carisa Hendrix


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    • How to build a torch
    • expert interviews
    • comprehensive breakdowns
    • multiple demonstrations
    • trick variations
    • performance demos
    • animated demonstrations
    • Bloopers & Extras

    The secrets of an ancient revealed! Carisa Hendrix, a professional instructor and fire performer, talks through a compilation of tips, tricks and facts collected over years of research and experience

    This dvd is designed to break down complicated and dangerous tricks into easy to follow steps that will build your confidence and allow you to master this beautiful art.

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