All of our fire equipment and loose wicks use 100% Para-Aramid fibre.
Generic Para-Aramid is often incorrectly referred to as Kevlar® which was originally created by DuPont in 1965. Only para aramid fibre produce by Dupont can be called Kevlar®. The technical name for Kevlar® is Para-Aramid.
Para-Aramid is a very strong, heat resistant synthetic fibre which is woven into strips and used for all good fire wicks. This is the best known material for fire props and, unlike inferior wicks using glass fibre or even asbestos, it is durable, inert and completely non- toxic in normal use.
Please note: Para-Aramid is heat resistant, not fire proof. To extend the life of your fire wicks we suggest you use only Paraffin. Avoid using alcohol based fuels as these burn at higher temperature and will degrade the wicks faster.

A lot of the cheaper Aramid products on the market have fibreglass mixed in with the kevlar- the fibreglass does not absorb the fuel and tends to turn silver and dry up with time. If this happens, we recommend you replacing your wick with a purer grade of wick.

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  • Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick

    Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick

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    Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick.
    Constructed from 8mm thick, solid aluminium rod and fitted with soft padded foam handles the Juggle Dream fire spitting stick is a simple, elegant fire prop.
    Please note this stick is designed for spitting, rather than eating, fire. The metal construction makes the stick resistant to the higher temperatures generated from fire spitting and the screw fixing makes for easy wick changes.

    Length: 45cm
    Wicks : 50mm aramid fibre

    Fire breathing is potentially the most dangerous of the fire arts. We do not recommend anyone attempt fire breathing!

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  • Juggle Dream SuperNova Fire Torch

    Juggle Dream SuperNova Fire Torch

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    A nicely weighted, good looking quality fire juggling torch from Juggle Dream.

    The SuperNova features paraffin stopper, rubber knob, holographic decoration and silver wrapped handle for soft catches.

    Amazing value!

    Price is for one Torch. Fire torch specs:
    Wick width: 5cm
    Wick length: 55mm
    Weight: 280gr
    Torch length: 51cm
    Handle length: 31cm
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  • Mr Babache Pro Torch

    Mr Babache Pro Torch

    A nicely balanced, high quality fire juggling torch from the Swiss manufacturer, Mr Babache. The Babache Pro Torch has a fuel proof seal above the handle to make sure paraffin can't leak down inside the torch. It also has the advantage of fat rim around the top of the body of the club - this should protect it from most big impacts and stop fuel running down the rest of the club.
    Available in many handle colours: blue, gold, green, red and silver.

    Price is for one Torch. Weight: 255 grams. Learn More


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  • Freaks METALLIC Firestorm Juggling Fire Torch

    Freaks METALLIC Firestorm Juggling Fire Torch

    The Freaks signature fire torch is the Firestorm. The backbone of the FireStorm is the new 'RaptorRod', an advanced composite material internal rod made from high strength nylon and glass-fibre and a partial aluminium core. It is extremely strong and durable with micro-flexibility to absorb shocks without bending. It is high temperature rated, resistant to fuels and will not warp. The neck tube is strong anodised aluminium with attractive colouring, which is easier to clean. With a lathe-turned aluminium insert to strengthen the neck against damage from hard drops. The neck tube also has an internal fuel seal to prevent fuel entering. An aluminium heat shield is used on top of the body as standard. It also has an advanced high temperature synthetic fluoroelastomer washer as a powerful secondary heat shield. This high-tech material is tougher, more durable and has much higher flame and temperature resistance than normal rubber. It is much thicker than usual to offer real protection to the torch body from drops. 63mm wide pure kevlar® wick is used for big long lasting flames. It has a long handle and the balance point nearer to the center for easier catches, faster spins and more control for hand manipulation type tricks. This VINYL version has soft wrapped handles with smart Met vinyl deco. Also features a high density foam knob with a unique nitrile rubber insert to offer better protection to the torch from very hard vertical drops

    Price is for one fire torch

    Item Specs:
    Handle - Foam Sport Handle
    Deco - Metallic Vinyl
    Player Level - Advanced, Adult
    Length - 20.27" inch
    Weight - 295g

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  • Henry's Nite Flite Fire Torch

    Henry's Nite Flite Fire Torch

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    Perhaps the ultimate fire juggling torch (and with a price to match). The Nite Flite is a great-looking, high-quality torch. Most importantly though it is a fantastic juggle. It features silver-wrapped handles for really nice catches and the normal robust Henrys club end. The Nite Flite also has a flattened central bulb which acts as a heat shield and paraffin guard. The main part of the club is made from wood but has been nicely covered in slick foil decoration. The wick is 50mm and burns for a good few minutes. These torches feel responsive and juggle in a very similar fashion to a professional club. Undeniably these are the choice for pro jugglers and serious fire enthusiasts. This club is only suitable for adults aged 18 or over. Fire juggling is ridiculously dangerous and should only be practiced by safe, responsible adults.
    Available in a choice of decorations: blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red, white and silver.
    Price is for one Torch. Weight: 250 grams. Learn More


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