Fire Eating/Breathing

If you're crazy enough to want to try it, please read our fire safety advice.
We don't recommend fire breathing at all. IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

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  • Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick

    Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick

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    Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick.
    Constructed from 8mm thick, solid aluminium rod and fitted with soft padded foam handles the Juggle Dream fire spitting stick is a simple, elegant fire prop.
    Please note this stick is designed for spitting, rather than eating, fire. The metal construction makes the stick resistant to the higher temperatures generated from fire spitting and the screw fixing makes for easy wick changes.

    Length: 45cm
    Wicks : 50mm aramid fibre

    Fire breathing is potentially the most dangerous of the fire arts. We do not recommend anyone attempt fire breathing!

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