Fire Juggling

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  • Gora Fire Stage Lamp

    Gora Fire Stage Lamp

    This lamp is a stylish solution for fire performances who need a tool to light up fire props during performances. Purchasing several will even allow performers to make their own stage! The lamp has several advantages for working fire performers. As well as being stylish and elegant, it is:

    - Easy to transport, with a modest size and detachable tripod stand.

    - Includes a chain linked cap to allow performers to extinguish fire easily and safely

    - A safe-closing tank cap which allows easy and clean refuelling

    - Available in two different colours

    Please, use ONLY lamp oil or paraffin. Other fuels can be very dangerous. Learn More

  • Gora Magnetic Swinging Torch - Pair

    Gora Magnetic Swinging Torch - Pair

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    Gora are European manufacturers who create bespoke, high-quality fire equipment for performers. This is a pair of their magnetic swinging torches. Users can switch between flow-orientated swinging torch tricks using the carefully weighted props and the rounded knobs - and then attach the two torches together using the strong magnetic sections to make a miniature staff or baton. The magnet used is easy to connect and release but strong enough to avoid your staff becoming detached during powerful spinning and throwing tricks. This is a great prop to surprise your audience and an innovative modular performance tool that will be loved by fire spinners and flow arts performers. Made using 100% Puro Kevlar® and supplied as a pair. This prop is only appropriate for adults with the relevant amount of fire safety training.

    Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit. Learn More

  • Gora Fire Crown

    Gora Fire Crown

    If you want to have a special appearance on the stage, the Gora Fire Crown is definitely the right choice. These Fire Crowns are pieces of art, make a really unique character for the performer.
    They are made of copper tubes and wires and size is adjustable. The weight of a three-section crown is about 450g.
    Please note rubber bands does not included.

    Learn More

  • Gora Fire Hat

    Gora Fire Hat

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    The Gora fire hat is the one and only fire juggling hat in the world!

    This nicely weighted hat comes with a thick para-aramid rope ring around the top which is separated with thick silicon to keep both the hat and the user protected.

    The para-aramid is to be lit using paraffin or lamp oil only to ensure that it burns at a low temperature. It is important that this is applied to the para-aramid only and avoids the silicon and felt. A hand pump is provided with the hat to apply water into the felt before use. The hat can be lit anywhere between 50-100 times if done correctly.

    Check out this video of Paddy McCrea playing with the Gora Fire hat

    Learn More


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