Fire Fans

Fire Fans are an fantastic addition to any fire performers repertoire. They work perfectly for fire dance and tech spinning alike.
Our fan designs fall into two main styles: Fixed fire fans, which can be spun around their handles, and folding fire fans which can be thrown open for dramatic effect.

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  • Gora`s Folding Fire Fan - PAIR

    Gora`s Folding Fire Fan - PAIR

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    Folding fan by Gora

    A lightweight portable aluminium folding fan made from five sections, screwed together and held in the open position with a leather strap. The base of each section is coated with silicone to give a heat resistant comfortable grip.
    Price is per pair.

    Strong, comfortable and creating huge flames. It is made of long aluminum sections and has silicone tubes to be comfortable for the fingers.

    One of the sections is longer in order to help a stable opening. The weight of a pair is 700g.

    It is a beautiful object for a dancer, who wants to enchant their audience.

    - Do not hold them downwards with huge flames.

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