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  • Circles of Light 2008 (COL 2008)

    Circles of Light 2008 (COL 2008)

    Highlights from the 2008 video competition

    90 minutes of inspirational spinning and twirling from around the world.

    • Video Length= 90 minutes (approx)
    • DVD is playable in all zones
    • NTSC picture format, Plays on any DVD player
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  • Circles of Light 2009 (COL 2009)

    Circles of Light 2009 (COL 2009)

    Recognition, inspiration, wonder...

    The brand new COL 2009 release is a collection of international spinning at their best.
    Guaranteed to inspire!
    Jay, Michael Kevin Farrell, Shawn Barry , Maki, The Space Monkey, Julian Campolo, Shane Morris, Rob Horner, Margaret Wommack , Greg Maldonado, Dane O'Hara, Tracy A. Wilhelm, Kanon , Jonasun, Alien Jon, Meghan Claire Pike, Sandy McClure , Rob Thorburn, Bryce , Josh , Teale, Amber , Atom , Carey , Carolyn , Catherine , Vincent, Natalija Jegorenko , Anastasija Smirnova , Tatjana Ivkina , Anna Gololobova , Agne Balkeviciute , Margarita Podolskaja, Aileen Lawlor , Noel Yee, Asaf Mor, Linda Jo Malloy , Lindsay Hacker, Dai Zaobab, JiNe, Kyle McLean, Hanna Lange , Tina Lange , Francois Erb, Koichi, Mitch Stratosflare Lustig, and Danny Thomas.

    * 90 minutes of inspirational spinning.
    * Talented international artists share their latest moves.
    * Plays on any DVD player.
    * DVD is playable in all zones.
    * NTSC picture format.

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  • Bellydancing with Fire with Leslie Rosen

    Bellydancing with Fire with Leslie Rosen

    Bellydancing with Fire was created to introduce experienced belly dancers to basic concepts of fire performance and give fire performers new ways to use familiar tools. It gives instruction on movements that work wonderfully with three of the foundational tools: candles, handlamps and palm torches.

    All of the movement instruction and practise sessions can be applied to non-fire props if you find that fire is not right for you or your venue.

    Bellydancing with Fire includes sections on:

    • Tools
    • Fuel
    • Costuming
    • Safety
    • Movement technique
    • Practice sessions
    • Performance
    • Photo gallery

    About the teacher: Leslie's imagination was captured by bellydance in 1995 and she has not been able to escape yet! As a massage therapist and yoga practitioner her classes are designed with your bodies health and vitality in mind. Her lifelong passion for the circus led her to fire performance in 2001. She was honored with the opportunity to perform for the cast of Cirque du Soleil and has created many large-scale fire performances for everyone from Bumbershoot to Burningman.

    Leslie can be seen in performances with her belly dance troupe Raqs Serpentine and fire performance troupe Pyrosutra. She has been co-producing the Pyramid Lounge, a monthly belly dance show, since March 2003. And works at the Nationally acclaimed Circus Arts Center, The School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, in Seattle, WA.

    "Leslie Rosen's performance style is regal, yet playfully inviting."
    Lara Paxton
    Artistic Director of Circus Contraption

    "Leslie is the priestess of fire, keeper of the sacred Flame. Fire is her consort. Her dancing is mesmerizing."
    Bellydance Legend

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