FNG 'Performer' Big Burn Fire Staffs

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  • Flames N Games "Performer" big burner Contact Staff

    Flames N Games "Performer" big burner Contact Staff

    This Contact fire staff is specifically designed for more experienced staff spinners, especially those who like performing contact moves.
    Now with bigger burning heads this staff is the performer's choice!

    With its huge 80cm long 100mm wide high-quality Para-Aramid Kevlar wick (on both ends) it is aimed for people who prefer bigger flames and longer burning times. As the other Flames and Games fire staffs this fire staff should not need re-wicking for a while!

    The ends of the shaft are blocked with 2 wooden plugs covered in thick heat-resistant aluminium to stop the flames traveling through the tube keeping the shaft's temperature low.

    As well as the other FNG fire contact staffs this staff is based on a top quality T6 aluminium shaft. Due to the ultra thick wall of the shaft this fire staff is extremely durable and has a fantastic solid feel!

    To finish off this staff the center of the body has a long (40cm) shock absorbing, non-slip, padded hand grip which comes in various different colours.


    Fire Staff Specs:
    Length: 1.4m, 1.5m and 1.6m versions available
    Weight: 855g, 900g and 940g accordingly
    Wicks: 2x 80cm x 100mm

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