Fire Swinging Torches

Fire swinging sticks and torches with a Para-Aramid wicked head for night-time torch / club swinging.

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  • Freaks Fire Flourish Stick

    Freaks Fire Flourish Stick

    The Freaks Flourish Stick is completely different to every other metal fire eater stick because there is no exposed metal tube. We have utilised space age technology to keep the neck of the fire eater as cool as possible when touched (e.g. with lips / tongue etc.). Our ‘CoolTouch’ sleeve will withstand naked flames and very high temperatures without ill effect, it is also impervious to fuels (so it won’t act like a wick by soaking up fuel which would otherwise cause problems when fire eating). It also has incredible thermal insulation properties which we have utilised by extending the ‘CoolTouch’ sleeve right under the wick as well as on the neck - this means that the aluminium tube stays surprisingly cool even at the wick end and therefore prevents hot metal burns. And for a finishing touch there is a silicone fuel seal inside the aluminium tube.

    The Freaks Flourish Stick has been built using some very advanced materials, including our new ‘CoolTouch’ sleeve technology. The Flourish Stick is constructed around a rugged aluminium tube with lathe turned knurled ends. At one end a tough smooth plastic swinging knob is thermally fixed (with a pull off force in excess of 40kg).

    The body of the Freaks Flourish Stick is fully enclosed with our new seamless grip. This is flame retardant and is also a thermal insulator which helps prevent the aluminium tube from getting hot - and therefore allows the Flourish Stick to be handled along most of the entire length of the stick (for ‘Twiddling’). The grip has a lovely ‘feel’ - it’s not slippery and it’s not too grippy either, there are no bumps or ridges, as usually found with wrapped grips, so there’s nothing to interfere with your manipulation. These are a delight to use and the grip is much easier to clean too!

    Price is for one stick

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  • Fyrefli Form Swinger Torch

    Fyrefli Form Swinger Torch

    A new dimension in swinging torches. Square ended wick, anodised aluminium body, round knob for smooth swinging and super light weight.

    Price is for one swinging torch.

    Length 43cm (17")

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  • Fyrefli Smart Fire Swinging Torch

    Fyrefli Smart Fire Swinging Torch

    Produced via a rotary forging process. A tapered swinging torch with built-in fuel reservoir. Hard wearing red anodized finish.

    Length - 38cm
    Wick - 65mm
    Weight: 185g

    Price is for one swinging torch.

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  • Henrys' Swinging Torch

    Henrys' Swinging Torch

    Henry's basic swinging torch model is a high-end performance model, ideal for practising all elements of the club swinging discipline. Using the standard Henry's Ash core, but reinforced with aluminium this swinging torch is a fantastic performance prop in the right hands. Rounded knobs and 65mm Wicks make it bothy agile and impressive.

    Price is for one swinging torch.

    Length: 20" inch
    Weight: 180g

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  • Henrys Alustar Swinging Torch

    Henrys Alustar Swinging Torch

    A quality swinging torch from Henrys made of 8mm duraluminium. Instead of a rubber knob this torch has a smooth wooden knob for better grip. This is a beautiful mover and looks the part too, the slim body creates an elegant, sculpted torch. .

    50cm long, 62mm Para-Aramid wick.

    Length 520mm, weight 185g

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