Fire Safety

Fire can be dangerous please take note of the following advice:

General Tips

Only use paraffin - NEVER petrol, it's too flammable and may well kill you! Paraffin (or Kerosene to go by its US or Australian name) has a low burning temperature and does not Explode (as petrol does). You can also substitute lamp oil or BBQ lighter fluid/ Zippo fuel (although these burn hotter and work out much more expensive).Fire Fans
  • Practice with your equipment unlit first to get a feel for it.
  • Always shake excess paraffin off your wicks first to avoid splash back.
  • Keep onlookers at a safe distance.
  • Keep a wet rag handy for putting equipment, small fire and yourself out!
  • Try to practice with a friend in case one of you gets hurt.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothes as these can catch on a burning wick.
  • Avoid synthetic materials as these can ignite quickly.
  • Tie long hair back.
  • Never use fire when under the influence.

Fire Breathing

Fire breathing is a very dangerous skill. Our advice is simple, DON'T DO IT! Because of the fuels involved there are a lot of risks inherent to fire breathing. PARAFFIN can cause, amongst other things, cancer and pneumonia. It obviously it burns too. REMEMBER People have died fire breathing, don't be one of them!

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Body Burning

Body burning can be a simple yet highly effective skill. It involves running a burning brand across your body without apparent danger. We recommend using a fire eating stick as it has a very small wick and thus a smaller flame. When lit it is best to 'encourage' the audience for a while as this not only increases the excitement but also lets the flame die down a bit making it cooler and safer. When you are ready make sure you move the brand above your skin (ie not underneath your arm) as the flame moves upwards taking most of the heat away from you. Keep your first strokes short for safety. The most dangerous point on a body buring brand is the screws which hold the wick on. These conduct a lot of heat and if they touch your skin they WILL burn you.