Hyperflite JAWZ HYPERFLEX Flying Sports Disc - 145g

Hyperflite JAWZ HYPERFLEX Flying Sports Disc - 145g

The Hyperflex JAWZ disc is designed and manufactured in the USA to very high standards. Its shape and countouring offers superb grip as well as being appropriate for human hands and dog mouths simulatenously. This is a 8.75" throwing disc, weighing 145g - as such it is very versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor disc games. The Hyperlex variation of the JAWZ disc is made from a softer, advanced polymer. Whilst only being about 60% as resilient as the standard JAWZ disc, this does make it much more accomodating for dog mouths and for throwers who prefer a softer disc. The Hyperflex variation is only available in Purple.
SKU: PAR-401

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: PAR-401
    Brand: Hyperflite
    Volumetric Weight: 0.145kg
    Product Weight 145g
Product Description


    Hyperflite are an American sports disc company that have a unique range of throwing toys designed specifically for dog training and dog trick shots. At oddballs, we are continually impressed by their materials, weight ranges and shapes - and also think they make great throwing toys for humans too! The Hyperlfex is a softer version of their core model - the JAWZ disc. This disc is about 60% as resilient as the standard model, but designed for softer catches and to be more accomodating to more delicate mouths and hands. The shaping of the JAWZ disc is the perfect compromise in terms or ergonomics for pooches and humans - and at 8.75" wide with a 145g weight, will make a great addition for frisbee collectors (particularlly those looking for a lighter alternative to their 175g disc).

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