Hyperflite SofFlite Dog Training Sports Disc- Pup Version

Hyperflite SofFlite Dog Training Sports Disc- Pup Version Zoom

Hyperflite SofFlite Dog Training Sports Disc- Pup Version

This is the PUP version of the popular SofFlite disc; a super soft and flexible throwing disc (or frisbee) designed specifically for younger dogs with sensitive mouths or delicate teeth. This disc is not puncture resistant; if you're looking for a robust dog disc, check out the Hyperflite JAWZ and JAWZ PUP discs - those discs are built to take punishment! The SofFlite on the other hand is wonderful for training young puppies through energetic games of catch. It's also a super bright yellow letting you find it easily in the event of a mis-throw. Each disc is 7" wide and weighs 90g. Hyperflite have found the perfect compromise in terms of ergonomics for a human hand and a dog's mouth. We're sure you'll agree that this disc offers ample fun for everyone.

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    Additional Information

    SKU: PAR-411-PUP
    Brand: Hyperflite
    Weight: 0.07kg
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    Hyperflite are the market leaders in bespoke flying discs aimed at canines. Hyperflite have properly refined the ergonomic requirements for a dog-focused sports disc, including sizing, weight and shape. The SofFlite disc is the least durable of the Hyperflite range (check out the JAWZ discs for a seriously robust, puncture-proof disc) but it is ideal for training young dogs or dogs with sensitive mouths. The SofFlite disc is approved for competition and an ideal way to encourage younger canines with catch games. At Oddballs, we love frisbees of every shape and size, so the possibility of adding a 90g, 7" disc to our catalogue - made from a super soft material - was a no-brainer.

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