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  • Gatto - From Vaudeville Acro Cat to the King of Juggling

    Gatto - From Vaudeville Acro Cat to the King of Juggling

    From Vaudeville Acro Cat to the King of Juggling.

    Nick Gatto was a successful Vaudeville acrobat with a 3 man troupe called Los Gatos. They played the great Vaudeville houses of the 50's and appeared on TV. Heretired from sgowbiz and began to train his son. Anthony was 4 years old at the time. He quickly began to juggle 4 and 5 items without even having to practice them.

    Nick kept Anthony hidden away from the entertainment world until he was 8 years old when he entered him in the IJA Juniors Championship. He won that competition. His career has been on a meteororic rise ever since, and now, 25 years later, Anthony is known as the world's greatest juggler.

    2 hrs 20 mins. Region free. Learn More

  • Trailblazers - Women Who Juggle DVD

    Trailblazers - Women Who Juggle DVD

    This video is a documentary, interspersed with great archive footage. Initially a little heavy on the lack of appreciation of female jugglers, it later relaxes and develops into a showcase of some of the world's greatest jugglers, with insights into their lives and their sources of inspiration.

    Renowned female jugglers Lottie Brunn, Francoise Rochais, Noelle Franco, Cindy Marvell, Ilka Licht and Kati Yla-Hokkala share their travels, performances and training techniques over a 5-year period.

    Follow the history and culture of female jugglers and their collaborators from vaudeville to the zany 1960s and beyond. Meet families that juggle together such as the Finnigans and The Dazzling Mills Family. Catch a glimpse of some of the troupes that have featured female jugglers, including Circus Chimera, the Pickle Family Circus, Lazer Vaudeville and Gandini Juggling.

    Running time 1 hr 46 mins (plus several extras).

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