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A mix of instructional and inspirational dvds mainly featuring balls.

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  • 'Bouncing in Paris' Juggling DVD

    'Bouncing in Paris' Juggling DVD

    Du rebond a Paname
    silicon on the streets...

    Fun, quirky, skilled, eccentric, inventive, and most of all French. This DVD is an idiosyncratic journey through the world of ball bouncing. This is nouvelle vague bouncing, with a resplendent Paris as a background. The 400 bounces of a new generation of European performers.

    The DVD goes from basic throwing/ catching positions to some of the most virtuosic bouncing on the planet. The video is part-educational, part-slapstick and part-inspirational; it covers solo juggling with 3 to 9 balls, Siteswaps, Passing, Dropping, and Multiplexing.

    DVD All Regions
    120 minutes
    Thanks to: The French

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  • To Be The Best 3

    To Be The Best 3


    Anthony Gatto at his jaw-dropping best
    things they will never do

    Hold onto your seats as you watch Anthony Gatto demonstrate some of the most difficult juggling moves ever achieved.

    Anthony Gatto is truly a juggler without compare. You will see why when you watch TBTBIII. This action packed juggling DVD takes you through all of Anthony’s latest moves with balls, rings, and clubs. You will be amazed by such feats as a 7 ring pirouette with a ball bounce or a 7 ball overhead pirouette. Get ready for a jaw dropping, mind blowing exhibition of technical juggling.

    85 minutes
    Made in America

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  • Ivan Pecel 4 & 5 Ball Moves - Advanced Instructional DVD Series Volume 1

    Ivan Pecel 4 & 5 Ball Moves - Advanced Instructional DVD Series Volume 1

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    Finally - an instructional DVD for the advanced juggler. Over the next hour, I will present over 55 different patterns and variations with 4 and 5 balls. I will break every trick down to its most basic elements so that the viewer can learn the proper way to practice and eventually master these moves. Everything from siteswaps and multiplexes to transitions and variations will be explored. Get ready to learn!

    Instruction by: Ivan Pecel
    With special guest teacher: Matt Hall

    DVD Includes:
    - Instruction on over 55 different moves
    - Ivan Pecel trick montage
    - Extra features
    - Some Funny Stuff

    DVD All Regions
    60 minutes

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