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  • Siteswaps


    A Mathematical Juggling Journey

    more complicated that GCSE Maths

    A colourful road trip through Siteswap notation, featuring many of the planet's leading jugglers. Siteswap notation is a simple way of describing, creating and notating juggling patterns. It has become pivotal to the understanding of modern juggling.

    3 DVDs
    35 Jugglers filmed in 5 continents
    11 hours of film
    2000 juggling patterns
    2 to 11 objects
    1 hour of explanations
    10 interviews
    4 performances

    Highlights include: Denis Paumier on clubs - Ben Beever on random siteswaps - Okinawan four handed siteswaps - Colombian footswaps - Bruce Tiemann on Shannon's Little Theorem - Sean Gandini on two ball siteswaps - Peter Bone on six ball siteswaps - Allen Knutson on the Affine Weyll Group - Mike Day on MMSTD - Paul Klimek on Quantum juggling - Sean Gandini in Speedo - Jouni Temonen and Kristian Wanvik on club siteswaps - Colin Wright on the philosophy of mathematics - Casual diagrams - ladder diagrams - synchronous patterns - multiplex patterns - synchronous multiplex patterns - howie's filming - pirouettes - period 5 patterns - 531 patterns - and much much more... (phew...)

    Level: beginner to expert

    DVD All Regions
    11 hours
    holy cow...

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