Decorated Juggling Clubs

The Oddballs Range of decoarted Juggling Clubs - be it traditional 'Euro' style decoration (with bands of colour at the top and bottom of the club body) or the artitstic endeavours of K8, we stock a comprehensive range of flash looking clubs ideal for performers and learning in style - it is worth noting that decorated clubs do get scratched up much quicker than 'trainer' clubs.

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  • Henrys Pirouette Circus Juggling Club

    Henrys Pirouette Circus Juggling Club

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    This is the same, classic Henrys Pirouette club but with what is known as 'Circus' decoration. 'Circus' refers to the metallic tape that runs along the length of the club, with the coloured bopdy visible through the slits. The juggling club itself is beautifully balanced and has been made from quality components in the Henrys factory, Germany. The knobs and ends can be easily replaced, but the metallic decoration will suffer a little over time. This is a 'pirouette' style club so the handle is slim and long, whilst the body is short. This makes it ideal for fast spins and numbers; the Henrys pirouette has become a famous benchmark club for many prestigous jugglers and circus schools around the world. The club comes with white ends and tape. Weight: 218grams. Length: 520mm

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  • Henry's Albatross Circus Juggling Club

    Henry's Albatross Circus Juggling Club

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    The Henry's Albatross is an ultra-wide bodied juggling club. Making it great for the stage. This club has an easy slow-spin, is well-equipped for very fast spins but not so good in the medium-spin range.
    Has a great reputation in many passing groups.
    Weight: 236 grams. Length: 520mm.
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  • Play 'D' Juggling Clubs

    Play 'D' Juggling Clubs

    This one piece club from Play, Italy is (in our opinion) one of the greatest juggling clubs to be designed in many years. Sergie Ignatov, the world famour Russian juggler, said that these clubs juggle and are balanced identically to his own. The catch is a little bit firm to start with but this also makes them extremelly responsive.

    It has a lovely, floaty spin and is superb for club balances, body balances and club contact moves, due to the silicon sections along the club. Due to the lightness of this club, it is also excellent for manipulation and number juggling.

    The silicon inserts act as grip and decoration and wont wear off over time. They are also interchangeable and can be bought seperately to allow the user to decorate the club as they please. Jugglers who value originality can custom design their own patterns for their clubs.

    To custom make your own creations, the pattern or image can be placed in the D Club template and printed out. The templates can then be cut out and placed underneath the clear silicon inserts. Your unique creation is then ready to show off, and can be changed around as many times as you wish.

    The D Club template can be downloaded here!

    Our full selection of coloured silicon grips for these clubs can be bought here.

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