Swinging Juggling Clubs & Torches

Club swinging is a really interesting off-shoot of club juggling that incorporates many ideas involved in poi spinning and object manipulation. The props listed here will have a rounded knob, making them ideal for club swinging.

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  • Flare One Piece Juggling Club

    Flare One Piece Juggling Club

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    A good beginners club. Easy on the pocket but not so easy on the hands as the one piece plastic moulding has no padding on the handle. It's lightweight construction makes it good for kids and for juggling indoors but they can be affected by wind outdoors (more so than a 2 piece club). Has a round knob making them good for swinging practice too.
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  • Henry's Swinging Club Knob

    Henry's Swinging Club Knob

    Rounded swinging knob for Henry's clubs. These work with the complete Henry's range of clubs.

    Priced for one.

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  • Play One Piece Juggling Club

    Play One Piece Juggling Club

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    This simple club from Play differs from other one piece versions by using a thicker, flexible plastic. This gives the club a better weight for outdoor use, a softer catch and excellent durability. Good for both swinging and juggling. This club really holds its own aganist composite clubs - its toughness means that it will last for ages too. Available in UV red, UV blue, UV green, UV yellow, UV orange and non-UV white.
    Price is for ONE club.

    Club Statistics:
    Weight: 195 grams
    Length: 52,5 cm
    Handle Diameter: 9cm
    Head Diameter: 27cm(widest)

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    Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - Set of 3

    Juggle Dream Solo Juggling Club - Set of 3

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    The Juggle Dream Solo decorated one piece club is a great budget option for anyone looking to start club juggling. Constructed from a single piece of injection moulded high impact plastic and decorated with metallic Euro style decorations these clubs are great value, really look the part and juggle well for a one piece club. Their round handle knobs also makes them suitable for club swinging.

    Sold as a set of three.

    Length - 49.5cm
    Weight - 202g
    Colour - 1 Blue, 1 red and 1 silver.

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  • Fyrefli Form Swinger Torch

    Fyrefli Form Swinger Torch

    A new dimension in swinging torches. Square ended wick, anodised aluminium body, round knob for smooth swinging and super light weight.

    Price is for one swinging torch.

    Length 43cm (17")

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  • Fyrefli Smart Fire Swinging Torch

    Fyrefli Smart Fire Swinging Torch

    Produced via a rotary forging process. A tapered swinging torch with built-in fuel reservoir. Hard wearing red anodized finish.

    Length - 38cm
    Wick - 65mm
    Weight: 185g

    Price is for one swinging torch.

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  • Henrys' Swinging Torch

    Henrys' Swinging Torch

    Henry's basic swinging torch model is a high-end performance model, ideal for practising all elements of the club swinging discipline. Using the standard Henry's Ash core, but reinforced with aluminium this swinging torch is a fantastic performance prop in the right hands. Rounded knobs and 65mm Wicks make it bothy agile and impressive.

    Price is for one swinging torch.

    Length: 20" inch
    Weight: 180g

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  • Henrys Alustar Swinging Torch

    Henrys Alustar Swinging Torch

    A quality swinging torch from Henrys made of 8mm duraluminium. Instead of a rubber knob this torch has a smooth wooden knob for better grip. This is a beautiful mover and looks the part too, the slim body creates an elegant, sculpted torch. .

    50cm long, 62mm Para-Aramid wick.

    Length 520mm, weight 185g

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  • Juggle-Light LED One Piece Juggling Club

    Juggle-Light LED One Piece Juggling Club

    This offering from Juggle-Light is an economical LED option that doesn't disappoint. The One piece clubs have been constructed in a similar fashion to the Play One Piece club but fitted with an LED unit in the knob and head. This allows you to choose 2 colours per club. These can be mixed or matched to create whatever combination you like. Please choose your colours using the order box below

    This is an entry level prop and a great introductory product into the world of LED. Best used in total darkness with no other light sources Significantly cheaper than professional, composite club choices from brands like Concentrate and Kosmos, these clubs are great fun and visually very impressive. A great choice for hobby jugglers looking for night time fun.

    The clubs are very durable but a little tough on the palms. The rounded knobs also make these suitable for club swinging.

    Please Note that these are sold Individually - if you require three, please purchase three pieces.

    Each club is powered by 6 x LR43 cell batteries. These batteries are available on Oddballs Website Alternatively you can purchase cell batteries as an add-on below.

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  • Henry's Volley Juggling Club

    Henry's Volley Juggling Club

    This club was specifically designed by Henrys for games of Volley club and was intended to be the single club in play - thrown from side to side. Decorated in bright UV green or orange to stand out from regular clubs, it is shaped like a traditional Henrys Pirouette club. Fitted with a swinging knob to make it super-versatile for juggling and swinging, the volley club has become a very popular club in it's own right. As with all standard pirouettes, it is super hard wearing and capable of taking all kinds of punishment. The volley club has all the usual signs of quality associated with Henrys - the wrapped handle makes for a comfortable catches and the knobs and ends can be easily replaced.
    Weight: 225 grams
    Body Length: 27cm, Handle Length: 24.5 cm, Overall Length: 51.5cm Learn More


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