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  • Qu-Ax 27.5" MUNI Unicycle

    Qu-Ax 27.5" MUNI Unicycle

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    Qu-Ax offer up their 27.5" Muni Unicycle - This is replacing their popular 26" Muni. The standards in Mountain Bike (and thus Muni models) has shifted to this new wheel size because of several notable benefits. Whilst still lighter than a 29" model and rolls 10% more efficiently over obstacles than a 26" model. It also means more tyre makes contact with the ground giving more traction. It's also noticeably faster!

    *ISIS-hub, 48 holes hollow axle, yellow, black spokes
    *Light ISIS QU-AX ZeroQ cranks 145mm, alloy, ti-grey anodized
    *QU-AX-Saddle, trial-type, well cushioned, with handle
    *Double bolt alloy seatclamp
    *QU-AX-DB X double walled aluminium rim, yellow, 48 holes, extra large
    *27,5"x2,40" Maxxis High Roller II, foldable, super tacky
    *BMX alloy pedal
    *Flatcrown frame with Magura brake sockets
    *25,4 mm alloy gusset post
    Comes with tools and assembly instructions.

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  • Qu-AX 29" Starter MUNI Unicycle

    Qu-AX 29" Starter MUNI Unicycle

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    This is an affordable, off-road unicycle from Qu-Ax designed for unicyclists who want to cover a lot of distance and maybe some light offroad trails.
    This model was originally part of the now discontinued 'Cross Fire' range but has subsequently been 'beefed up' to compete alongside their Muni offerings.
    This is an ideal touring unicyling and ready for some lighter trials riding

    -29"x 2.2" Karma Pro high pressure tyre (foldable and very light)
    -flatcrown fork with griptape on the edge, magura sockets (no brake included but there's potential to upgrade on this model)
    -double walled alloy rim
    -QU-AX- Trials Saddle - well cushioned, with handle
    -Alloy seatpost 350 mm
    -Alloy seatclamp, black
    -ISIS hub - 48 holes - red
    -Light ISIS QU-AX ZeroQ cranks 145 mm - alloy - grey anodized
    -Light QX-series PVC pedals
    -Weight: 6.2 kg

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  • Qu-AX 19" Trials Unicycle

    Qu-AX 19" Trials Unicycle

    The Qu-ax 19" Trials is suited to serious trials and off-road riding.
    It comes with a yellow 48 hole hollow hub with ISIS drive, lighweight hollow spindle, aluminium seat post with re-enforcement triangle and flat-crown-forks with grip tape. And of course there's the lovely low profile cushioned saddle with grab handle, ideal for trials riding. The model is completed with BMX aluminium pedals and 48 spoke wheel with double walled alloy rims and a 202 x 2.52 Maxxis creepy crawler trials tyre.
    This is a unicycle built to take serious punishment. Ideally suited to very aggressive, adventurous riders.


  • ISIS-hub, 48 holes, hollow axle, yellow
  • light QU-AX ZeroQ cranks 125 mm, anodized in ti-grey
  • QU-AX Muni-saddle with handle
  • double-bolt aluminum seatclamp
  • QU-AX-BX45 double walled rim, aluminum, 48-holes
  • 19″x2,5″ Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire
  • BMX aluminum pedals
  • Flatcrownframe with diamond-knurled surface on top and Magura-sockets (perfect for children riding DH)
  • aluminum seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4 mm
  • weight: 5,9 kg
  • minimum inseam: 64 cm

Leg length sizes: max. 970mm (38"), min. 880mm (35"), cut down seat post min. 670mm (27"). Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

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    Qu-AX 24" Starter MUNI Unicycle

    Qu-AX 24" Starter MUNI Unicycle

    This is one of Quax's 'Starter' downhill 'Muni' unicycle models. Although still very hard-wearing, this model is primarily aimed at entry-level riders. It still comes with a selection of premium components including ISIS Zero-Q cranks and QX pedals. However by pairing the unicycle with a hollow red hub and one of their budget Luxus saddles, Qu-Ax have kept this an affordable unicycle which can always be upgraded at a later date.

    As it comes, this Muni unicycle is ideal for light Muni riding and flatland, freestyle trick riding. Please note that some assembley is required with this unicycle.

    Features Include:

    • ISIS-hub - 48 holes (hollow axle - red)
    • ZeroQ cranks 145mm - Anodised in titanium-grey
    • QU-AX Luxus saddle with handle
    • double-bolt aluminium seat-clamp
    • QU-AX-BX45 double walled rim - aluminium - 48-holes
    • 24″x3,0″ Duro Wildlife tire
    • QX-series plastic pedals
    • Flat crown frame - steel - with Magura sockets (Black)
    • steel seat-post, Ø 25,4 mm
      Minimum inseam for Muni Starter 24″ black remnant: ca. 70 cm

      Leg length sizes: Max 1060mm (41"), Min 960mm (38"), cut down seat post min 770mm (31"). Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

      Please note that the unicycle may differ slightly in detail from one in picture, but all the components will be correct. Learn More

  • Qu-AX 24" Professional Unicycle - BB - Q-Axle

    Qu-AX 24" Professional Unicycle - BB - Q-Axle

    This unicycle was originally developed by Qu-Ax with a French basketball-team - and adapted to their needs. Now it is used for various types of riding and for heavy riders. This latest version of the 24" BB has been upgraded to incorporate the Q-AXLE system - the latest development by the Qu-Ax design team. Minimum inseam size 68 cm

    Item Specs:
    True Weight - 5.3kg
    Brand - Qu-Ax
    Saddle - Light Weight Qu-Ax
    Seat Post - Alloy seatpost 350mm - diamond knurled (prevents twisting) black - with gusset alloy Ø 25.4mm
    Clamp - light aluminium double clamp
    Frame - Flatcrown frame with two pieces dropout
    Hub System - Super-Light Red-Anodized Q-Axle Hub
    Hub Setting - Q-Axle System
    Crank - 125 mm Q-axle alloy crank
    Rim - Aluminium double walled rim - black - 48 holes
    Tyre - Kenda K905 K-Rad tire, inflatable up to 4,5 Bar, 24? x 1,95? (ETRTO-size 50-507)
    Pedals - Profi pedal "NoSlip"
    Player Level - Intermediate
    Style - Freestyle / Sport

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  • Qu-AX 24" MUNI Unicycle

    Qu-AX 24" MUNI Unicycle

    This is one of Quax's hardcore, downhill 'Muni' models - it is also one of the hardest wearing Mountain unicycles on the market. The wide 24" wheel is ideal for extreme descents and should provide ample grip on most rural surfaces. At 8kg it is quite heavy but still suitable for some jumps - with the reinforced components (like the seat post and heavy duty yellow hub) this unicycle is also suitable for big drops. The 24" Muni from Qu-Ax also uses the ISIS hub system meaning that cranks can be interchanged with any other ISIS cranks at a later date. This unicycle is an ideal choice for someone looking to take their outdoor riding to the next level and should put up with most things a rider can throw at it.

    Features Include:

    • Powder Black 'CroMo' frame.
    • Brake bosses for Magura brake. Note that this is not supplied with Magura brake clamps.
    • Yellow ten-splined Qu-ax 'CroMo hub' for extra strength.
    • Black 170mm splined 'CroMo' cranks.
    • DX style aluminium pedals with aluminium pegs.
    • Black/yellow Qu-ax Kris Holm seat with handle.
    • 48 spoke wheel with 24" DB-45 double-walled alloy rim.
    • Duro Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3" large volume tyre.
    • Silver double-bolted seatclamp.
    • Seatpost 25.4mm diameter 400mm long.
    • Weighs 8kg.

    Leg length sizes: Max 1060mm (41"), Min 960mm (38"), cut down seat post min 770mm (31"). Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

    Please note that the unicycle may differ slightly in detail from one in picture, but all the components will be correct. Learn More

  • Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

    Qu-Ax Mini Tandem Bike

    Something very special and very peculiar from Qu-Ax. The kings of unicycle engineering have turned their attention to their mini circus bike and given it a tandem twist. The Tandem-version has a reinforced steel-frame and uses the same 6" wheels as the Minibike. It also features 2 x retro-styled rivet-saddles. As with 'normal' tandem bikes, the chain tension is adjusted with an eccentric bottom-bracket. Only available in Blue - some minor construction is required.

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  • Qu-AX Giraffe Unicycle

    Qu-AX Giraffe Unicycle

    A strong, robust performance giraffe unicycle from Qu-Ax, Germany.
    At 150cm tall, this unicycle is a bit of a daunting challenge.
    One of the great things about giraffe unicycles is their presence in a performance. Often refered to by performers as a L.I.M.O ( large, impressive, metalic, object). Many people do not realise that Giraffes are actually easier to idle than a standard height unicycle.

    Exceptional build quality and a very comfortable saddle.
    Comes with a blue anodised aluminium rim, a single, strong chain, PVC pedals and a grippy 20" black tyre. The lower chain wheel is also fixed via a disc-brake-hub-mount, rather than welded (as on cheaper versions).
    We advise wearing some safety gear when riding this unicycle.

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  • Qu-AX Racing 'Black Witch' Unicycle

    Qu-AX Racing 'Black Witch' Unicycle

    1 Review(s)

    A beast of a racing unicycle from Qu-Ax unicycles.

    * thin aluminium fork in aero profile, crown for your feet, anodized black, laser etched logos

    * QU-AX Race Hub, 28 holes and hollow axle, 84 mm in between bearings, 125 mm QU-AX Aluminium crank

    * aluminium double walled rim, anodized black

    * black aluminium seatpost with gusset

    * Profi "NoSlip" pedal

    * black thin alloy seatpost quick release

    * QU-AX Luxus saddle

    * Kenda race-tire, light FOSS tube

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  • Qu-Ax Balance Trainer Bike

    Qu-Ax Balance Trainer Bike

    Another weird and wonderful model from Qu-Ax Germany. This balance trainer features a 12" wheel and uses chain propulsion. The front stabilisers make balancing easier and riders can steer by shifting their weight. It works a lot like a unicycle but is much easier. This model is recommended for children aged 6-12 years old, up to 60kg. Excellent for schools and workshops!

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