Boomerang Fan, is a French company based in Vendee. Mainly made of aircraft plywood, they are a major player in the history of boomerangs. Designed by one of the best throwers and designers in France, the original motifs printed on the boomerangs are always finished with perfection.

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  • BoomerangFan Helix

    BoomerangFan Helix

    Its short flight and compact size make this a very easy boomerang to use when there is no wind.

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  • BoomerangFan Zebra

    BoomerangFan Zebra

    Its short flight and helicopter-style return make this a very easy boomerang for any beginner to use with minimal wind. Practical for sports halls.

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  • Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

    Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

    It Really Does Come Back The Aerobie Orbiter, a high performance boomerang, flies out about 90 feet (28 meters) and then returns for thrilling one-person games of catch. A high performance outdoor boomerang, the Aerobie Orbiter flies in a large circle and then it really does come back. Its high tech triangular design and bright coloured, soft rubber edges make it secure to throw and easy to see in flight and also soft and easy to catch. Throwing instructions printed on the boomerang will help you learn to play catch with yourself in no time. Size: 11.5 inches (29cm) per side, equilateral triangle. Available in orange, yellow, and magenta. High performance boomerang flies about a 90 foot (28 meter) diameter circle and then it really does come back Rubber edges for secure throwing grip and soft catches Bright colours makes it easier to see Triangle shape makes it easier to catch Recommended for ages 13 and up. Designed in the USA. Learn More

  • BoomerangFan Spirit

    BoomerangFan Spirit

    This starter boomerang has a good wind resistance.

    It is simple and designed to look great and fly in a beautifully classic way.

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  • Duncan Intrepid 175G Ultimate Disc

    Duncan Intrepid 175G Ultimate Disc

    Whether a competitive Ultimate player, or simply a backyard thrower, the Duncan Intrepid is perfect for both. Precision weighted for smooth, accurate flights, the 175 gram high performance Intrepid is officially USA Ultimate Approved for competition. World's Best ~ The Intrepid 175G Ultimate Disc is the world's best Flying Ultimate Disc! Precision Engineering ~ Intrepid 175G Ultimate Disc is precisely weighted for maximum flight distance and accuracy! Official ~ At 175g, the Intrepid 175G Ultimate Disc is official weight for Ultimate. Learn More

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