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  • Uncle Bubble Junior Starter Kit

    Uncle Bubble Junior Starter Kit

    Everything you need to put on an incredible show is inside this box!

    Using the special formula and tool provided with this kit, you will learn how to make Bubble Chains, Bubble Cubes, Bubble inside Bubble and more!

    Uncle Bubble formulas and tool are used by Bubble Performers around the world. You will learn the secrets of Bubble Mastery.

    Please note that bubble wand and dipping tray colours may vary.

    Instructions included.

    Learn More

  • Uncle Bubble 'Unbelievable Bubble' Kit (Tri-String)

    Uncle Bubble 'Unbelievable Bubble' Kit (Tri-String)

    Make bubbles like magic with the Unbelievabubble Wizard! Great waves of bubbles fill the air when using the Wizard Wand. Adjust the star-shaped sliders to make one, two, three or four loops for a variety of bubble-making fun. This wand makes GIANT bubbles! Learn More

  • Louis Pearl Bubble Trumpet

    Louis Pearl Bubble Trumpet

    The Bubble Trumpet is a unique tool to blow and catch bubbles. It is the easiest way to begin blowing big bubbles and attaching bubbles to make caterpillar, square, carousel, and other bubble sculptures. Multiple people can attach trumpets to a single bubble and make giant group bubbles. If you blow directly into the trumpet, you get a bubble the size of a single exhale, but if you purse your lips and blow through it as if it were a flute, the force of the air going from your lips to the trumpet pulls in extra air (the Venturi effect) so that the bubble is triple the volume of the exhale. Each Trumpet comes with a Mute which can be snapped onto the Trumpet to make clusters of bubble foam. Learn More

  • Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop Kit

    Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop Kit

    Have you ever dreamt of being inside a bubble? or how about putting a friend in one? Now you can make that dream come true! The Mega Loop from Uncle Bubble is well-loved by children and adults of all ages. You just can't help but smile when you're inside a bubble!

    The Mega Loop comes with a giant bubble wand (big enough to put a person inside) as well as inflatable dipping tray and a bottle of incredible Uncle Bubble concentrate formula in a 1:3 ratio.

    Bubbleologists can also use the Mega Loop to create giant bubble doughnuts and sausages - you can even try chopping them up in to smaller shapes and then force them back together to create funny bubble sculptures! Learn More

  • Uncle Bubble Professional Bubbleology Kit

    Uncle Bubble Professional Bubbleology Kit

    Calling all Bubbleologists!

    This Professional Bubbleology Kit (from well known bubble experts, Uncle Bubble) was made for all-around Bubbleology! Your audience will be amazed by the enormous bubbles and bubble sculptures you can produce using the tools and ingredients in this kit.

    This amazing kit comes with:

    The Uncle Bubble Junior Bubbleologist Kit - Creating a bubble volcano, a bubble carousel and other fantastic sculptures is so easy with this Junior Kit.

    The Uncle Bubble Bouncing Bubble Kit - Mastering bubbles with only your hands? It is not only possible, but it is also a lot of fun with this clever kit! (Includes two different sized gloves for small and big hands).

    The Uncle Bubble Foam Blower - Have you ever seen a foamy snake? Don't be scared, it is harmless! You can make foam snakes, foam snow - even foam juggling balls with this clever foam trumpet tool.

    The Uncle Bubble Mega-Loop - Ask your friends if they have ever dreamt of being inside a giant bubble, at least once. Our guess is they will say yes! You can now make their dreams come true! Well-loved by children and adults of all ages, this mega-loop will make someone smile everytime they're inside a bubble. You can also use the Mega-Loop to create giant bubble doughnuts and sausages

    Uncle Bubble Sword - This sword has a secret! By pushing a button your blade will expand and you will be able to create wonderful bubbles with a swish of your sword! Of course, you can use it to chop your bubbles afterwards!

    Uncle Bubble Highly Concentrated Solution - Your tools are all set. But what's the secret of a professional bubbleologist? The bubble solution, of course. Uncle Bubble developed this brilliant recipe to help you achieve perfection in your bubble tricks. This kit includes enough concentrate to make nearly 10 litres of incredible liquid. Enough to put between 300-500 people in bubbles, as well as practising and performing all your other bubble tricks.

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  • Uncle Bubble 8oz - Ready-To-Use Solution

    Uncle Bubble 8oz - Ready-To-Use Solution

    If you want to blow incredible bubbles straight away, this is what you need.

    Simply pour into your desired container or prop reservoir and start playing - no dilution is necessary.

    Uncle Bubble formulas are well known worldwide for their elasticity, versatility and ability to make breathtaking bubbles.

    This bottle contains 8oz (0.23 litres) of Uncle Bubble liquid.

    This fluid can be used in conjunction with all Uncle Bubble products.

    Learn More

  • Uncle Bubble 12.8oz - 1:9 Concentrate

    Uncle Bubble 12.8oz - 1:9 Concentrate

    What's the most important tool of a bubbleologist? It's their bubble liquid, of course! Uncle Bubble liquid has been the secret tool of scores of bubbleologists for many years and now you can acheieve the same breathtaking jumbo bubbles and sculptures as the pros. Uncle Bubble liquid has incredible longevity, making it ideal for large bubbles as well as intricate sculpture work requiring the addition of more and more bubbles to create dense formations and chains.

    Perhaps the most useful thing about this liquid is its portability. Uncle Bubble concentrate is supplied in an amazing 1:9 ratio. With this 12.8oz (0.378 litres) bottle, you can make 3.78 litres of premium bubble liquid. With the simple addition of tap water you can quickly make 10 times the amount of bubble liquid as you have formula.

    Uncle Bubble concentrate formula is perfect for gigs, travelling and bubble parties.

    Learn More

  • Uncle Bubble 32oz - 1:9 Concentrate

    Uncle Bubble 32oz - 1:9 Concentrate

    Uncle Bubble is the bubble brand with a big heritage. Designing and crafting quality props and formulas for the performance market for many years, their special tools are now available to the general public.

    At the heart of Uncle Bubble's high performance bubbleologist tools is their 1:9 concentrate formula. This is the first time that the 32oz bottle of 1:9 concentrate has been made available - this bottle is designed for working performers, serious hobbyists, schools, nurseries - and anyone thinking of throwing a large bubble party! Although the bottle only contains 0.94 litres, with the careful addition of cool tap water in a 1:9 ratio, bubblers will have an amazing 9.4 litres to use. Whether you are making giant bubbles, performing bubble bouncing tricks or creating beautiful, delicate sculptures, Uncle Bubble formula has proved time and time again it is the market leader. Did we mention that there are three seperate World Record's attached to Uncle Bubble's premier formula including most bubble domes inside on another, most bubbles blown inside a bubble and most continuous bubble bounces with a single bubble! Perfect for gigs, travelling and bubble parties.

    Learn More

  • Indy Dynamo LED Bubble Gun

    Indy Dynamo LED Bubble Gun

    The Indy Dynamo gun is a super fun LED bubble gun - with no batteries required! Attach one of the 56ml bottles of Indy Bubble Solution and start shooting bubbles straight away. As you pull the trigger, watch the dynamo-charged LEDs shine and the bubbles pour out.

    Please note that the trigger must be pumped for 30 seconds after the bottle is attached in order to circulate the liquid through the gun. Replacement solution bottles are sold separately or re-fill the bottles with your own homemade formulas!

    Available in either Pink or Blue. Learn More

  • Indy Double Bubble Blower - The Machine that Blows Bubbles Inside Bubbles

    Indy Double Bubble Blower - The Machine that Blows Bubbles Inside Bubbles

    The Indy Double Bubble Blower is a clever machine that blows bubbles inside bubbles! Its innovative fan and wand system allows users to create crazy bubble formations with bubbles floating inside bigger bubbles.

    A great tool for parties and bubbleologists looking to create mesmerising sculptures quickly. Learn More

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