2 JD Crystal Clear Acrylic Ball 80 Mm - 2 BAG - POSTCARD - RRP £71.98
Total price £127.84

Product Description

This deal contains 2pc JD Crystal Clear Acrylic ball 80mm, 2pc Oddballs Contact ball Pouches and Oddballs Postcard RRP £71.98.

The 80mm Crystal Clear acrylic contact ball is a good size for those looking to begin single ball manipulation. This size can also be used for multi-ball by more experience juggler or those with larger hands, but we would recommend trying them first hand before buying a set of 80s. This ball is heavy so a warm-up is recommended beforehand as extended periods of playing can be tiring on the hands, wrists, and arms.

Warning! – These balls are lenses and will set fires if left in direct sunlight. Keep them covered!

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