2 pc HyperSpin Superb Fixed Axle Diabolos, Juggle Dream Bag (Medium) and Oddballs Postcard
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Product Description

Introducing the latest edition to the Hyperspin family, the Hyperspin Superb Fixed Diabolo. The world-famous Hyperspin T & TC are famous for their incredible spinning time and stability. The latest edition of the Hyperspin range has focused on "air", allowing light to go through the diabolo to enable more light from the LED kit and more nature to be seen through the diabolo. In addition, they have done a weight reduction of about 197grams which is 50g lighter than before! This enables the user to play for a long time with less effort and making multiple diabolo more manageable.

Featuring an original integrated centre with unique double-sided cups - the outer section is purposefully heavier, greatly enhancing the diabolo's spin and the strengh of diabolo.

Body weight: 197g
Body height: 148mm
Diameter: 128mm

What a way to send the juggle love! With this nostalgic circus origin snapshot postcard, you can connect with those you love the most and share a bit of history from the UK's oldest circus company.

Practical drawstring bag included. Colours available: Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow.

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