3pc Juggle Dream Star Pro 6-Panel Juggling Balls - UV (White), Kid Jo Juggling DVD and Oddballs Postcard
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Product Description

↪ These 6 panel juggling balls are a pro version of our popular star balls. They are made from strong faux leather and are built to last which makes them ideal for outdoor juggling. They take around a week to soften then will keep their shape and catchability for years. Come in a range of UV reactive colours: white / blue, white / pink, white / orange, white / green, white / yellow.

↪ A fun DVD for people making their first steps into juggling. With seperate chapters dedicated to various tricks and a section of freestyle performances, this DVDs got enough in it to teach you the basics as well as give a little inspiration. 40 minutes long and comes in 5 different languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.

↪ What a way to send the juggle love!

With this nostalgic circus origin snapshot postcard, you can connect with those you love the most and share a bit of history from the UK's oldest circus company.

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