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ADVENTURES IN POI: Moves is more than just the best intermediate and advanced poi moves DVD ever made. It is an artistic achievement of the highest caliber. Join Nick Woolsey and Jaguar Mary as they adventure around the world, teaching popular poi moves in easy steps, and making you smile at the same time.

Behind the back weave, under the legs, orbitals, hyperloops, 5 beat weaves and more, boomerang, isolations, planes and orbiting, spiral wraps, 4-beat TTN and BF weaves, crossers, meteor, anti-spin weaves, the atomic weave, , BW and BTB 5-beat weaves, questions from Poland, 4-beat windmill and matrix, counting beats theory, currants, buzzsaw flowers, double staffs, hybrids

Nick Woolsey is a highly celebrated artist within the poi dancing community. He is renowned for his unique performance style, his sense of humor, and his ability to break complicated moves into easy concepts and exercises. He has traveled extensively sharing his passion for the art form. This is his second Poi DVD.

Nick Woolsey: director, producer, instructor
Jaguar Mary: videographer, editor, co-producer
Marc Jirian: DVD production
Alex Grünenfelder: graphic design, art direction
Jonathan Brown, Dan Gordon-Levitt: photography
Tarun Nayar, Ivan Tucakov: music

Total running time: 179 minutes
playpoi instructional.

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